If you have an “clickers eye” you can profit from this

ab-testing-1Did you know there’s a certain sort of person that can immediately tell which advertisement will make the most money on Facebook?

Well it’s true

We call it having a “clickers eye”

Do you have one?

It’s a simple enough process to tell if you have

Here’s a hint

When you’re on Facebook do you look at the advertisements?

Can you normally tell if the advert has been written for someone like you?

If you can, you may well have a clickers eye

Did you know that people with “clickers eye’s” make 3 times more cashola than those that don’t on Facebook?

Well, they do

Want to know for sure if you have a clickers eye?

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Matt has made the clients we have at ROARlocal $25 Million in online sales in the past 12 months

Mostly through Facebook

Using his “clickers eye” to spot cashola creating opportunities

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How to go from $10K to $40K a month online

This email will show you the simple way to go from $10K a month to $40k A month online (if you’re not yet making $10K this is doubly important to read till the end)

Do you know what Facebook’s product is?

Business Pages?


It’s you!

You are the product on Facebook.

Specifically all that amazing information you and 1.2 billion other people share on facebook.

That, my friend, is a marketers wet dream

And if you know what you’re doing you can quickly use that treasure trove of information to make oodles of lovely cashola

Want to learn how?

It’s all to do with Psychology

Specifically what people that are ready to buy do that window shoppers don’t

Here’s a 1 example from the 48 we have

An “S” makes all the difference in a keyword

If you search for “bucket and spades”

You’re probably researching, wanting to know what the best bucket and spade is for you and your unique situation


Drop the “S” and you’re looking for something specific

A Bucket and Spade

Make sense?

That S makes all the difference to the Psychology of the person you’re selling to

Want to learn more of these cashola creating Psychological strategies?

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Matt has made the clients we have at ROARlocal $25 Million in online sales in the past 12 months

Mostly through Facebook

Using his ….. to spot cashola creating opportunities


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How this psychopath seduced his hot blonde therapist

4804f95181c7410b0955f5ea3a55ce49fb03162f96ed7d856f41c6fd50952c51I watched “The Suicide Squad” last night, I went with Matt my brother in law.

The part of the movie that stood out the most to me was how the Joker and Dr. Harley Quinn (played by the rather attractive Margot Robbie 🙂 hooked up.

Now this guy is a total psychopath with no conscience mind or sympathy,
who was locked up in Arkham Asylum for brutally killing men and women…

…torching them, blowing them up and tossing them out of 15 story buildings while laughing until their bones and guts paint the highway.

So when they finally caught him, thanks to Batman’s help.

They tossed him into Asylum where all the other crazies went in Gotham City.

In the Asylum, he had daily therapy sessions with a hot blonde psychiatrist named Dr. Harley Quinn

So as time went by their sessions start to get more intense with each other.

I mean, she would start to fantasize about getting it on with the joker

The roles were switched immediately!

She became his patient and he became her psychiatrist.

Harley Quinn could no longer fight her curiosity.

It finally got the best of her to where she couldn’t even resist him anymore, so in the movie they get crazy with each other

From that moment on, she was deeply in love with the Joker.

Even though she knew he was a killer, psychopath and whatever else you want to call him.

He actually could of kill her at the moment.

He made her fall so deeply in love with him, that she helped him escape the Asylum.

If that’s not the definition of making the sale, I don’t know what is.

Selling online is a lot like that…

Amazon has developed a relationship with you

Now I know Jeff is not as nice to look at as Margot or quite as insane as the joker

But over time you’ve come to trust Amazon with your money

If you’ve never shopped on Amazon you’d be happy to because you trust it’s safe

That’s why staring an online business on Amazon is such a smart move

They’ve built a strong relationship with hundreds of millions of people!

All ready to fall in love with you and your product

And the best part is, you don’t have to become a psychopath or a serial killer.

You can do this by just being yourself.

Let me show you how to start today


The only time women beat men

Out in the “Real World” men earn 20% more than women simply because we have an outy and women have an inny

Which seems very weird to me

I’ve always thought that ladies inny’s were much more valuable than our outys

but them’s the facts

This grossly unfair advantage that men have is apparently prevalent throughout all careers in Oz

that is

in all places except my group of rag tag Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Yes indeedy, in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs the ladies are kicking our asses!

Take Sue Josephson for instance,

She’s up in Caloundra in QLD

She sells so much stuff she’s just got herself a brand new BMW

She says she’s delighted to be in my group

Or what about Debbie Summerhayes, in Ipswich QLD

She’s selling horsey related stuff to all the Horse crazy folks here in oz

Or what about Karen Thomson from Lane Cove in NSW

Her range of organic skin care products is a HUGE hit

I could go on but you get the idea

Out there in the “real world” ladies are at a distinct disadvantage, they’re treated differently and paid less for the same work


Online, no one gives a rats-ass if you have an inny or an outy, and because of that the ladies are crushing it!


Wanna join the 125 ladies and 131 men in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs?

You can find out more and join us here

Inny or outy;

black, brown, yellow or white;

old or young,

gay, straight or in-between,

The internet doesn’t care

It’s the great democratiser, everyone gets a fair go

That’s why I love it so much

Come check us out for yourself

Neil Asher

Do You Have A secret Passion?

You know Steve Martin right

Incredible comedic talent

He sold out 100,000 arena’s

Movie Star (The Jerk is one of my all time favourite movies)


Lead Banjo player in a band


That’s right Steve Martin just happens to be a world class Banjo player

In his autobiography “Born Standing Up” there’s a quote that will change your life

Here it is

“This time next year you’ll wish you started today”

Steve was passionate about banjo’s and loved the sound they made

He realised that if he wanted to learn to play the Banjo he just had to get started

If he didn’t, he’d look back on his life a year from now and wish he would have gotten started

It’s the same with business

This time next year you’ll wish you would have started today

Be Like Steve & Start Today

You can take the first step towards building your online business here

If you’re smart you’ll combine your passion (secret or otherwise) with your business

Steve could have sold Banjo’s too 🙂



Solve one of these 5 problems to become a billionaire

In a recent interview Warren Buffett was asked how to become a billionaire

His answer was a great one, solve problems!

When pressed further he said these are the 5 most pressing problems that, if you solved them, would turn you into a billionaire

1. Energy storage

Your time might be running out on this one, because a lot of money and time is being spent as we speak to solve our energy storage issues.

Essentially, we have no real way of storing energy created by wind and solar power generators.

It’s why we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels — when the sun goes down and the wind stops blowing, we run out of juice.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is upon us, but there are some very, very serious concerns about what that means for humanity.

Famous scientists have been speaking up for several years about AI, and how we need to tread very carefully in implementing it — lest we end up with a Terminator or Matrix-esque future.

The point is, artificial intelligence will change everything; it’s just a matter of how humanity fits into the equation.

3. Space exploration/resource capture

There’s an awful lot of money literally flying through space.

The problem is, we don’t have a real way of reaching it; or capturing it, and bringing it back down to Earth for processing and use.

Asteroids, giant hunks of rock that are flying through or suspended in outer space, are loaded with precious metals and other natural resources that are in finite supply here on Earth.

If we were to find a way to get to these asteroids, mine them, and bring said resources back, we could effectively limit scarcity problems.

4. Water scarcity

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, or live in the drought-stricken western part of Australia, you’re well aware that water scarcity is an ongoing issue.

And with global climate change starting to reshape how and where water levels ebb and flow, it’s something that we’re going to need to find answers to, and fast.

5. Food Production

Issues like water scarcity and energy storage also play into our final big problem that needs solving: food production.

We may have it good here in Australia, but there are still millions upon millions of starving and hungry people in the world.

And as the climate changes, and resources become even further strained, growing crops and raising animals for food will become even more difficult — if not impossible.

Got any solutions for any of those?

Me neither 😀


If your goals are a little less grand and you’d be happy making $10K a month I’ve got you covered

Using my simple Amazon system you can get yourself to $10K a month in 3 to 6 months

I’m not saying you’ll become a billionaire but you’ll be financially free

and isn’t that what we all want anyway?

Get started on financial freedom by joining the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs for just $47 a month

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Should you move to China to get richer?

Here’s something that will bake your nogin

China gets a new billionaire every 5 days

Every 5 frickin days!!!

Right now there are more Billionaires in China than there are in the USA

The shift in power has begun

So that begs the question, if you want to make oodles of lovely cashola, should you move to China?

It’s a great question and the answer is


Here’s what I mean

If you want to make a ton of cashola then you should SELL in China from here in Oz

Chinese LOVE Australian products

From Ugg boots to baby formula Australian products are trusted and desired by the newly cashed up Chinese

So whilst most folks are trying to figure out how to buy cheap in China and then sell to the yanks

I say do the opposite!

Take Australian products and sell them to the Chinese

Works like gang busters!

Wanna learn how to do that?

Then I’m your man!


I’ll show you how to source your own products here in Oz and then i’ll show you how to sell them for the sort of mark-up in China that Pauline Hanson would be proud of 😉

You can learn more about joining 246 other Aussies that are making bank online here

Neil Asher

where are the ecommerce entrepreneurs yachts?

I’m sat at my local starbucks just reading my emails, and guess what

Another day another fake gooroo emailing me their pitch about some peace of crap that just needs you to “push a button” to become an online gazillionaire


You get that too?

Bet you’re sick of it too right?

Listen I know a lot of these guys (they’re mostly guys as gals are under represented online imo) and guess what… they’re broke!

They live promotion to promotion.

They have no idea how to build a real business

Something that is useful and will still be around 10 years from now

That’s why I love selling things on Amazon

You can buy them cheaply in the East

And make a healthy profit when you sell in the West

It’s a time tested strategy that’s been around since the East india Company

Heck Cook was looking for new products to sell when he bumped into Australia!

Best of all it works

In the most recent shareholders letter Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos said

“130,000 people make over $100K a year on Amazon”

Read that again….

This is a tried and tested business that works.

Amazon is slowly taking over the world and you’d be crazy not to jump on its coat tails.

That’s a trend you should ride harder than a kid with a new bike

Wanna learn how to do that?

I’ve got your back

Join 246 other Australians (and a few poms 😉 whilst we build our own Amazon businesses


You’ll learn everything you need to know and meet a supportive encouraging group of new friends 🙂

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Born Before 1976?

If you were I have good news for you

You’re the No 1 demographic that shops on Amazon

76% of us do 🙂

What does that mean?

Well most folks just think it’s hipster millennial’s and Gen Y that shop online in any number

But that’s just not true

Fact is if you’re over 40 you already know what people our age want to buy

Look at your own buying habits

What do you like to buy?

What are you interested in?

From taxidermy to crochet, ketogenic diets to longevity and pretty much anything else you can imagine!

You can start a business selling on Amazon in whatever it is you’re interested in!

Got an idea for a product you’d like to build a business around?


Need some help bringing it to market so you can make some extra cashola?

Then I’m you’re man

So far I’m helping 246 Australian’s just like you (we let a few foreigners in just to keep the numbers up 😉 to build an online business that will set them free

So far we sell everything from beard oil to Egyptian cotton blankets!

Why not join us 🙂

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A Business Idea For You


I’m going to Copenhagen next week to visit

We’re going to 2 of the best restaurants in
the world so I’m uber excited!

As usual before I go to a new country I’ve been
learning some useful phrases.

I find you get a much better experience when
you can say a few key phrases.


Last week I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s VERY kool

Anyway I figured I’d get an app to help me whilst
I’m there so I went to the Google Play Store and
searched for:

dutch phrases with phonetics

Guess how many results…. ZERO

So then I got to thinking, hmm wonder how many
people go to Dutch speaking countries and would
like an app to help them say a few key phrases…

10’s of thousands per month!

OK so now there is an opportunity.

Lots of searchers and no solution.

So that’s the opportunity, next how to make money
from it.

Simply put, either charge a nominal fee like 99p


Show ads on the app when people use it.

I prefer No 2

The app should cost you a max of £250 to get made

Given the number of people who go to Dutch speaking
countries that a shed load of potential downloads.

Of course that’s just the Dutch Language…..

If anyone wants to do that app I will personally help
you sell it on the app store.

Goed tot ziens en bedankt voor het lezen van mijn materiaal :o)