Confessions of pommy git at Bondi

Bondi beachBack in 1999 when I first arrived in Australia

I thought it was the height of awesomeness to live at Bondi Beach

So along with 7 other sweaty whinging poms I found a house to rent with my new found pommy mates

Day 1 of my new life as a pom in Bondi

7am drink a beer

7:30am smoke a joint

8am head to Bondi Beach

My new mates played a prank on me at the beach

They gave me a tube of zinc cream and told me it was factor 30 sun cream

10 minutes later I looked like a milk bottle!

I was almost reflective 😀

Mission for the day… catch a wave at Bondi beach

So into the water I jumped and exactly 14 minutes later I was being rescued by the Bondi’s SLSC


A less than auspicious start to my time here in Oz

After that though I decided to learn to swim properly

(not a lot of swimming required in Nottingham)

I got good fast and was soon swimming a 5 K’s a day before most folks got out of their pits

After a while though life got in the way

Busy at work

Busy with kids


So i stopped swimming

Over the weekend I decided to jump back in the water and start swimming again

So I jumped into the bay at Little Manly where I live and after a minute I was knackered!

What they hay?

I used to be able to swim 10 K’s and battle sharks!

But, just like everything… If you don’t use it, ya lose it.

You can lose your cardio endurance pretty quickly if you don’t keep swimming… And as I’m finding out, it’s a complete swine to get it back.

Anyway…what I plan to do know is keep swimming through this uncomfortable, wheezy, whingy part, in a few weeks…everything will feel better.

It’s the same with taking action towards your dreams. The first couple of things you do will be the wheezy, burny, snotty swims where you get rescued by the life savers.

You’ll finish flat on your back on the beach and wonder how the surfers find this fun…

…and then, after a month or so, you’ll be the one smiling, high fiving and making moves to set yourself free!

Start that month of snotty swims today so you can get to the good stuff faster!

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Neil Asher

Bidnez tips from egg tossers

egg_tossMy mate Dave loves a game of “toss the egg”

Also known as footy or NRL

(the only game of football is soccer, where they actually play with their feet 😉

He watches it every opportunity he gets

He plays in a fantasy football league

As I said… total addict


He convinced me to stop watching the Formula 1 long enough to actually watch a game of footy

You know what

I kinda like it

It’s great lessons for bidnez and for life

When these guys get knocked down they get right back up and get back in the game

If they get taken off the pitch they’re kinda shitty because they know that the glory comes from playing the game not watching it

They train like crazy and practice new things, new plays, new strategies

That’s a LOT like success online

It ain’t all a bed of roses

You’ve got to put in the hours of practice to hone your online skills

– Sourcing great products

– Writing compelling product descriptions

– Taking action and getting things done

These are the secrets to online success

I can help you with 2 out of 3 of those

The part that you have to bring to the table is the taking action part

Once you’ve taken the first step by joining my group of rag tag Aussie Online Entrepreneurs though, i’ll be there every step of the way

– Mentoring you

– Supporting you

– Coaching you

– Picking you up when you fall, and

– Keeping your ass in the game. . .

. . . so the glory can be yours!

Join me

Neil Asher

How Rupert Murdoch Lost $100 Mill

Neil AsherYou know I never stop being surprised by seemingly smart people getting ripped off for millions

Take Rupert Murdoch for instance

He’s worth 12.3 billion

So, you know, pretty smart with his cash right?

Well Murdoch invested 100 mill into a blood testing company called Theranos


The female spruiker behind this elaborate scam was one heck of a sales woman apparently and used her skills to fleece lots of smart investors

100 mill… makes you think huh

That’s why I love Amazon

It’s Tested

It’s Proven

It Works!

In the 2015 letter to shareholders Jeff Bezos said that the average seller on Amazon working 15 hours or more a week makes $100K a year!

Holy cashola batman!

Can I interest you in working 15 hours a week and making $100K a year?

Thought so 😉

Listen this is not going to make you a billionaire


It can, and does, set folks just like you free

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Neil Asher

why (some of) your friends want you to fail

117tqf“Feeling like shit right now.

Got too comfortable after a couple of wines at a party & showed 2 of my ‘friends’ my logo & shared what I am doing.

Let me tell you HUGE mistake.

The negative crap people put on you is unbelievable.

Don’t do this & don’t do that. FFS!

My advice is keep it to yourself until your making it.”


That little splash of unicorn loveliness is a post in the Aussie online Entrepreneurs from Rach

She quickly discovered that sometimes telling your friends your goals

Can be a recipe for disaster

As another one of our members jean says

“they have to put you down to make themselves feel worthwhile.

Suck it up baby and hold you head up high because you are not afraid to have a go!

What are those dumb clucks doing with their lives?

I applaud you for giving it a go!”

As you can see we’re a supportive bunch in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

It’s true though

Some of your friends will pull you down if you let them

That’s why being amongst like minded people is so important to your success

You need a bunch of cheerleaders in your corner, shouting


Because you can

If you’d like 246 people all helping you as you set yourself free check out what we do here

Neil Asher

Why Porsche + Channel Never Discount

Porsche On sale?

Porsche On sale?

Over the weekend it was black Friday and yesterday it was Cyber Monday

Both are marketer made up holidays to sell you stuff

Amazon will do Billions in sales

Most people I know on Amazon will discount their stuff and like good sheeple lose money that they could have made by selling at full price

Wanna know something important?

Great brands never go on sale

Luis Vuitton

Never ever ever will you see them on sale


Because it ruins brands and loses profits

Here’s the reality

1. Some people only buy when there is a sale. (these are always the worst customers to have)

2. Other people value your product and will pay full price, putting it on sale kills profits you could have made

3. Cyber Monday sales are followed by very slow Tuesdays, weak Wednesdays and crappy Thursdays. The sales bump is an illusion

4. Why would someone pay full price if you always discount? Discounting is a race to the bottom that you’ll lose playing against the Chinese.

My advice for what it’s worth is to copy great brands

There’s a reason they’re so successful

It ain’t because they discount

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Neil Asher

1000 People Were Expected 30,000 Came

Neil AsherIn 1990 after 14 years of negotiations Russia opened it’s first McDonalds

The day of the opening it was minus 14 degrees ion Moscow,

For comparison the coldest temperature in Australia last year was minus 7 at Charlotte pass

For most Aussies anything below zero and you’ll hear expletives fill the crisp morning air.

So at best 1000 people were expected to the opening

by 6am there was a queue 1km LONG!

Beat that Apple!

all in all over 30,000 Russians braved the sub arctic temperatures, to get a taste of western culture

That’s the power of the new

It’s the same when you take an Australian product and sell it on Amazon

They go ga ga for our products

Ugg Boots


Baby Formula

The list goes on and on

Right now there’s a crazy opportunity to launch an Aussie brand in a new country


Best way to do that?


Amazon has just invested $5 Billion into India

India has the fastest growing economy in the world

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Neil Asher

PROOF Chinese Robots Will Kills Us

Bang You're Dead!Right now you already know that a robot is gunning for your job

Jobs are being automated at an unprecedented rate and frankly, if you’re not putting a plan B in place, you’re a fool.

(for a plan B see below)


Robots will not only steal your job they’ll also ultimately kill you

Here’s why

Imagine that 2 countries are at war

China and America let’s say

China has drones and combat robots that are fully autonomous, meaning no human interaction is required

They are controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

America, bowing to liberals, has drones and combat robots that are, in part, controlled by humans

Liberals were worried that AI empowered robots would simply kill us all

So all US weapons have a fail safe, a human must press the “kill” button

OK let’s play this little battle out

An American robot drone meets a Chinese robot drone above the south china sea

The Chinese drone instantly launches an attack

Human reactions are fast, but a radio signal has to travel from the drone to the human and back agin

In the time this happens

The American drone is dead

Same goes on the battle field

Combat drones that have a human fail safe will lose

AI powered combat robots will reign supreme

How long until America changes all it’s weapons to AI ?

Not long

See where I’m going with this?

ANY country that relies on a human fail safe for their killing machines will be disadvantaged in battle

No one likes to lose

So all killing machines will be autonomous

and then…

Well, you can work out the rest

Here’s why I’m telling you this

Depending on who you ask that little scenario is 7 – 20 years away

I don’t know about you but I’m keen to maximise the fun I have between now and then!

Best way to have fun?

That usually involves se.xytime and cashola

(anyone tells you that something is better than s,e.x is simply not doing it right!)

Money can and does buy happiness

I know of no better way to make oodles of lovely cashola than an online business

Your job is screwed anyway so you may as well get busy on your plan B now!

I can show you how to do that

Join 246 other Australians as Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

I’ll show you exactly how to build your own human powered cashola creating machine

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Neil Asher

You won’t believe how much this meal costs

The Danish head chef from Noma (Worlds Best Restaurant according to San Pellegrino) Rene Redzepi,

Is opening a “pop up restaurant” in Mexico

You may remember that he had a pop up here in Oz earlier this year

I hired a call centre in the filipines to call non stop for 24 hours to try and get a table for 2 for my wife and I

along with 54,000 other people

Needless to say I lucked out


The ticker price for a 13 course meal (with wine) in his new restaurant…

$1000 Aussie dollars per person

Now if that’s made you choke on your latte

or regurgitate your soggy cereals

I’m not surprised, that’s one heck of a bill


What I love is that tens of thousands of people are queuing up to pay it

That’s all about brand

It’s the exact same thing on Amazon

Lots of useless goo roos will tell you to price your product according to the other people and what they’re pricing

What a load of garbage!

Nothing is further from the truth

If the only thing your product has going for it is price, frankly, you’re screwed

Trying to sell on price is a race to the bottom and in that race the Chinese will win

$1 an hour salaries

1.2 billion people looking for work

You can’ compete with that my cash hungry friend

Instead build a brand, be smart with your marketing, tell a story, offer a unique benefit

That’s the key to long term ecommerce success.

The sexay and intelligent people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs know that

Our products are 20% more profitable on average

That’s 20% more cashola to your bottom line

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Neil Asher

A Virgin sacrifice + a marketing lesson

_61046952_benp_bbc_summer_solstice0042Copying things can make you very wealthy

case in point

A bloke in Esperance in WA has built a fully functioning replica of stonehenge

Stonehenge (if you’re a cultural baboon) is in the UK and is where druids used to sacrifice virgins to ensure crops would grow, amongst other paganesque type stuff

Now we sacrifice politicians, that doesn’t work either 😉


Stonehenge gets half a million visitors a year and rakes in mucho cashola

This blokes replica is getting 30,000 visitors a year!

He’s starting offering souvenirs

(one hopes he’s not offering virgins but who knows!)

So now he’s making cash

Smart guy

It’s mostly Aussie’s going to see the copy henge, so that suggests that you could build replica’s all over the world

Stonehenge Italy to cater to Italians
Stonehenge China

etc etc

and herein lies the lesson

One of the simplest ways to make cashola online is to simply copy something that’s working in one country into another

It works like gangbusters!

I’m currently copying 3 successful business ideas from America into India

Great Success!

Want to learn how to do that properly?

Then come join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Here’s the link to get in on the action

Neil (no virgins were sacrificed in the writing of this email) Asher

Do you like to flirt?

do you like to flirt?

do you like to flirt?

Nothing makes your day more than someone (usually young and attractive) flirting with you, am I right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, we all like to know we’ve still got it 😀

Lots of studies have shown that their are 6 main reasons people flirt, here they are

Sex: trying to get into bed with you
Fun: treating it like a game
Exploring: trying to see what it would be like to be in a relationship
Relational: trying to increase the intimacy of a relationship
Esteem: increasing one’s own self esteem
Instrumental: trying to get something from the other person

What’s your reason?

Assuming you flirt every now and again 😉

Here’s something that will come as no surprise to you,

Men are significantly more likely to have a sexual motivation, while women tend to have a relational one.

No surprises there huh?

OK let me give you some more flirty facts then I’m gonna show you why this matters online

I’m a guy and I know I’ve been guilty of this,

Evidence from multiple studies supports the idea that, among heterosexual people, men tend to over perceive sexual interest from women, while women tend to under perceive sexual interest from men.

In other words, us blokes tend to think women are into us when they aren’t, and women tend to not notice when men are into them.

It’s a wonder anyone ever gets laid!

Ok let me tie this together for you,

In 2004, a psychologist called Nicolas Gueguen had 20-year-old men approach women pedestrians in a French city and ask for their phone number. Half the time, the men simply made the request; half the time they lightly touched the woman’s forearm for one second while asking.

Sure enough, the men were more successful in getting the woman’s digits when they’d touched her arm.

It’s the same online

Your communication with your customers should be informal and fun, you should make a connection with your customers


2 Great reasons

1. They will be far more loyal to you and your brand, that means cashola in the bank

2. Your business will be far more fulfilling for you personally

I love making a connection with my customers, it gives my business meaning beyond supporting my family.

How do you do that?

Well, to discover how to connect with people at the deepest levels, you’ll need to join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs where I’ll show you that and a whole lot more!

You’ll find us a fun and friendly bunch of Aussies all building our own freedom businesses whilst supporting and helping each other

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Neil (bit of a flirt) Asher