make a profit whilst drunk?

Whilst you may have been down the beach or enjoying a barbie with friends, a staggering $140 million was being spent online in Australia on Christmas day

Just in our house Natasha ordered 5 pairs of shoes on Amazon in the sales for a total of $375

That’s $375 someone just made on Christmas day whilst most folks were eating, drinking, sleeping 😀

Boxing day is even better if you sell online!

It’s estimated by citi group that we’ll have spent $375 million online here in Australia!

Holy profit margins!

All this cashola being spent online, that’s a trend though isn’t it

High street shops are closing and we’re spending more and more online…

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an easy way to set up your own online store…

… a way that didn’t require any tech skills

… a way were you could get started with just a few hundred bucks in stock…

…With the power of a global company behind you that is the No 1 online seller globally!

Well, you can.

If you’d like to make 2017 the year you set yourself free then join me for a free webinar this coming Thursday at 8pm (Sydney time)

I’ll show you how to start your own successful online business on Amazon

Right now Amazon is the best way to build an online business, so we focus on that.

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In the run up to Christmas they were selling for 4 times the RRP on Amazon!

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Santa’s CrAzY 2017 Amazon plan

I know it’s Christmas night and you probably want to go to bed early tonight (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door tonight.

He was short, about 4 feet tall.

He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe.

And even more weird, he had pointy ears.

I asked him who he was and he said he was a messenger elf from Santa!

Apparently, Santa is getting older and slower, and he’s concerned about his retirement plan.

He’s been spending all his coin on naughty things instead of nice things 😉

So he wanted my advice.

Can you believe that?

So here’s what I told this messenger to tell Santa:

1. Start an online business!

I told the messenger to tell Santa to start selling his own branded stuff on Amazon, santa toilet paper would be a big hit don’t cha think 😀

2. Quit eating the cookies and milk!

When going to down chimneys and seeing plate of cookies and a glass of milk, ignore it! And instead, leave a note next to them saying next year he’d prefer to be left fruit or maybe some meat and cheese, instead.

And instead of milk, I told him to ask for water.

If he needs advice, he should check out the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs:

3. Start charging kids for deliveries unless they’re members of Amazon prime

Santa spends way too much time delivering stuff, Amazon could do all his deliveries for free! Now that’s LEVERAGE baby!

I said to tell Santa this is NOT a get rich quickly thing.

It’s based on the same stuff all the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs are doing to set themselves free, so it’s not magic (no using his elves to get stuff done) but it does work.

4. Have a third list, naughty, nice and in-between

In other words…

Santa’s current system is too restrictive 😀

There are lots of things that kids do that’s kinda in-between naughty and nice


What about all those adult gifts that he delivers, I’m sure we all like the naughty ones much more 😉

5. Lay off 50% of the elves

Let’s face it.

All those elves are dead weight.

And by trimming his workforce down, he’ll also trim his overhead down, too, because he’ll be forced to roll up his sleeves and do more work.

Anyway, so that’s that.

This is the plan I have for Santa.

We’ll see if he listens in 2017

Have a GREAT Christmas.

I’ll see you soon! 🙂


Why Geeks Fail Online

This year, some of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs will have BIG wins. Some, like Karen, who created her own brand of Australian organic skin care to sell on Amazon…

… and this year, some of my member will do absolutely NOTHING. Zip. Nada.

While a member like Anthony started from nothing and within 6 weeks was selling $1000 a week of his products on Amazon

… others will continue to spend months obsessing over which email software to use.

Creating spreadsheets.

Doing endless comparisons. Asking the question about Amazon in a dozen Facebook groups.

Members like Andrew, will crack 6-figures in 2017 because he’s laser-focused on his market and business model…

… and others will say things like, “I want to create products in three different markets at the same time!”. And, of course, will get zero traction in any of those products.

Members like Luke will continue to crank out products and take his business close to the 7-figure mark in the men’s grooming market.

… while others will spend 8 months writing a 225 page “ebook” to give away as a free lead magnet – when a simple 1-page checklist would have worked.

Members like Anne will build her business focused on one traffic source with low-cost Amazon ads…

… while others, will try to “be everywhere”.

Or worse, spend the entire year (and thousands of dollars in product) to try and build out a complex funnel themselves, instead of just relying on Amazon to take care of that for them.

After seeing so many succeed, yet so many continue to spin their wheels year after year is frustrating.

But here’s the thing.

You can ask ALL of our 246 Aussie Online Entrepreneurs who’ve had success in 2016 and will continue to grow their income in 2017.. what’s the secret to success?

And when you look at every answer. I mean really analyze the WHY behind their success.

From “keeping it simple” to “hyper-focused niching” to “client retention” – there will be ONE thing each answer has in common.

They simply got out of their own way.



Never launching.

Waiting until you read that “one more book” until you think you’re ready.

It’s all YOU!

And it’s all in your head.

All of this ends now. Not on January 1st, but right friggin now. Today. The 23rd of December 2016

No more excuses. No more waiting for the perfect time.

Commit to serving your market.

Commit to showing people you truly have their backs.

And commit to keeping it simple.

So this year if you’re ready to follow a simple step by step system to set yourself free then I’m your man!

If you want complex, geeky and techy then try somewhere else


WANTED: Novice Crew To “LEGALLY Rob Banks.”

My dear old mum back in blighty is 72

She’s an avid gardener and loves watching dancing with the stars

I speak to her most weeks and once a month or so I’ll try and explain what I do to her

“I buy things from Asia and then sell them to westerners”

Is my standard approach

That’s a pretty easy way to understand selling online right?


She doesn’t get it at all

She can’t wrap her head around people shopping online

She thinks they’re crazy to let the Russians get access to their credit card details :d

and when I pushed her she told me that she just tells her friends that she

“Thinks I Rob Banks!”



So the $45K a month i make on Amazon is like robbing a bank to my mum

Which is kinda cool don’t you think?

I remember that famous quote from the famous bank robber Willie Sutton

When he was asked why he robs banks he simply said

“because that’s where the money is”

Well I sell on Amazon because that’s where the buyers are!

Want to join me selling online?

Then start a new business in 2017 and let me show you everything you need to make it a huge success!

Neil (Amazon Robber) Asher

the cat that only ate KFC

Mike got up, and looked at his cats.

It was always a struggle… getting them to eat.

He’d been experimenting for years trying to find the right food for them.

He’d tried sawdust, peanut butter, marshmallows and even mince pies.

But it never quite worked out.

Some days, they’d kind of ‘poke’ their noses at the dinner Mike had prepared…before turning away to watch ‘Masterchef’ on the couch.

Other times, they’d simply reject the food altogether.

Then, one day – 4 days before Christmas …a miracle occurred.

Mike bumped into Father Christmas in the Geelong branch of Coles

He was by the butcher’s counter, next to the salmon and barra.

“Here we go Mike – try these…”

Santa gave Mike some Chicken nuggets.

Mike had never thought about using these before.

He got home that night, eager to try them out.

And for the first time ever, the cats nearly bit his hand off!

They loved the nuggets and wouldn’t leave Mike alone.

Soon, Mike retreated to his office and watched reruns of masterchef, realising he’d been using the wrong bait for YEARS.

All those failed experiments!

If he’d only used the RIGHT BAIT!

What’s my point…with respect to the above story?


Until you have the right ‘bait’, you won’t attract the customers you want…or any customers at all.

If you are selling…anything…do you REALLY know what people want, in that particular market?

If you’re selling a ‘stop snoring’ product…do you REALLY know what people want in that market?

If not – how do you know if you have the right bait?

You can go nuts for years trying to sell certain products to certain markets…

But if you don’t really know what the people ‘in’ that market want…you’re making things hard for yourself.

Reminds me of an anonymous friend of mine…who picked me up in an expensive

“Now we’ll finally get some action!”, he said.

If you get the right bait, you’ll find it much easier to sell products, services or anything else.

How to find the right bait?

When you join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs i’ll show you exactly how to sell oodles of your products the profitable way

No messing about!

This email is my bait for you… will you take it?

Here’s the link —>

The right bait is important…

Why do you think children leave a mince pie at the bottom of a chimney?

It’s great ‘bait’ to ensure Santa visits!

See you soon


naughty or nice?

My daughters posted their letters to Santa today

Isabella wants a camera and Charlotte wants “dollies”

In their letters they both wrote that they had been nice all year and so deserved nice presents

If you look back at your childhood… yeah I know it was a long time ago 😉

You’ll find, like me, that Santa was a great motivator to get stuff done

Eat your peas and carrots

Be nice to your siblings

Behave yourself

Tidy your room up

All that decidedly unfun stuff that adults made us do

Santa was the ultimate life coach!

Then as time went on we stop believing in Santa and we’re left to our own devices to motivate our behaviour

You have to become your own life coach

That’s a good thing right?

Well maybe.. maybe not

If you’re disciplined not to spend hours on Facebook instead of getting stuff done then bully for you

For most of us though we need Santa!

That’s where your membership of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs comes in

You’ll be a part of the fastest growing ecommerce community in Australia

You’ll have 246 other like minded folks all looking out for you and your business

Need help with a supplier?

no worries

Need to know how to save money in China?

We got you covered

Not sure how to make sales fast?

We can help!

It’s the best god damn group of Aussies this side of the North Pole!

Santa’s got nothing on the presents we can help you get!

Sue got herself a brand new BMW thanks to her ecommerce business

That’s one heck of a present !!

get in on the santa action here


Money Hidden In Plain Sight

Where’s The Money?

In 2013 Scientists at a South African museum were startled to learn that a familiar specimen was not what they thought it was.

The fossilized remains of a 200-million-year-old herbivore had been sitting in the museum since the 1930s, labeled as an Aardonyx.

an Aardonyx looks a bit like a diplodocus if that helps

But when researchers took a closer look they realized the bones belonged to an entirely new species, which they christened Sefapanosaurus zastronensis.

I love stories like that

Extraordinary things hidden in plain sight

Take Amazon for instance

This Christmas Australians will spend over 1 billion dollars shopping online.

Most folks will blindly just give their cash to someone selling online

They’ll never consider that the person selling online is making cashola

Lots and lots of lovely cashola!

The opportunity will be hidden in plain sight for the hapless shopper

But not for you my freedom loving friend!

Overtime you shop online you’ll consider the seller

The person making the cashola

You’ll realise it’s a lot easier than you once thought

And indeed you’ll probably say to yourself

“If they can do it I can do it!”

And you’re right

You can !!

Start learning how to do it here


Is making cashola online better than sex?

One of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Jeff Dulla asked me what “the laptop lifestyle” actually means.

His take was that:

“The laptop lifestyle …. which I later found out is not sitting on a tropical beach with an Apple Mac but rather spending a few hours a day glued to a monitor to learn the equivalent of a university degree in a few months!”

Jeff is a model ecommerce entrepreneur

He knows that to become a Rock Star online, you have to learn your scales first

Unlike most of the BS that the majority of sugar plum goo roos will tell you, making cashola online is hard work

You have to study and learn how to do it properly

It takes most folks a month or so to figure this out


Then you’re freeeeeeee!!!!

It’s a lot like sex

Your first time you suck

Fumbling and unsure what to do

Conscious of your body and if you’re like me, conscious of the ears of corn getting up your bum

(my first time was in a corn field with a girl called linda 🙂


Once you get the hang of it

It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes off!

Wanna pop your ecommerce cherry?

Then come and join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs!

Neil Asher

You, a secret millionaire?

Did you ever meet someone that was rich?

Not “a few million” rich…

… no i’m talking really rich, like 10’s of millions rich

I have

Wanna know what I asked her?

I asked her where she was going on her holidays this year

Pretty dumb question huh

In my defence I had ZERO idea she was loaded

She dressed like a rancher and swore like a miner

She drove a shitty car and wore a timex watch

It was only afterwards that I was told she was worth $45 Million

Have you met anyone who’s very wealthy?

If you have did you ask them how they made their money?

Chances are you have and you probably didn’t even realise it

That’s real wealth for you

Not having a new Mercedes on a lease

or a house you can’t afford

That’s dumb

Rich people manage their money well and only have smart debt

You can tell that they’re rich if you know what to look for but for the most part they’re quiet and unassuming, just like you and me

Since meeting her I’ve met a lot of other wealthy people, wanna know their secret?


Plain and simple

all rich people are action takers, they get a LOT of things done

Sure that means that some things that they try don’t work

But the ones that do work… holy cow do they ever work!

That’s why they’re rich right?

Are you an action taker?

If you are and you’d sincerely like to make some cashola then start today by joining the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Action takers are welcome

Take action here —>

Everyone else can take a jump 😉

Neil Asher

Written Whilst Hungover

Systems in your business mean that you can do other stuff whilst your systems make cashola for you

Case in point

My long suffering business partner in the UK Matt Duggan did a free webinar for the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs on Monday night

Matt spends about $120K a month on Facebook ads for our clients

He’s gotten good… VERY good at making sales online through Facebook as you can imagine

In fact, last year we did $25 Million in ecommerce sales for our clients, mostly thanks to Facebook


He did a free webinar on Monday to show the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to sell their stuff on Amazon using Facebook

It was a brilliant webinar


Matt Screwed up the times

He’s in London

We’re in Oz

The webinar was set for 8pm (Sydney time) and Matt started at 9pm


I’d just arrived in Portugal and was nursing a hangover from my first night out in Lisbon with my wife Natasha

(We were at a cool little wine bar that served the tastiest port ever!)

So I was as much used as a chocolate fireguard for the webinar

Indeed I was asleep at 10am here in Lisbon thanks to a combination of jet lag and Port

Thankfully one of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs took charge and sorted things out

The webinar got done

Matt recorded it

and as a bonus for screwing cup the time zones Matt has offered to provide one on one help to anyone that wants it for their Facebook campaign

So everyone is happy 😀

That’s what I love about the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

We’re a community

We have great people right across Australia kicking ass on Amazon

All pulling together to help one another

So even if Matt screws up the time zone, and

I’m hungover from my first night out in Lisbon

The cashola creation still rolls on!

That’s the power of being part of a community of like minded people

Want to take start your own online business and get help from people just like you that are making oodles of cash online?

Then come join us!

You’ll get all the training and support you need to make it happen

Check us out here

Neil (drunk in Lisbon) Asher