An easy way to make money

what's for Christmas?

OK It’s Christmas soon

you’re no doubt thinking about money.

as in “do I have enough to buy my loved ones the great gifts they deserve”

Well let me give you a simple strategy to set up an online business.

Selling Back Links

SEO is tedious, boring and yet oh so important for the long term sustainable profits of your business.

(nb I hate SEO, it’s a crap way to get traffic for a new business, BUT, once your business is working and you know the buying keywords then it makes sense to optimise them so you get free traffic)


Back links sell for $25 EACH from a good PR web site

not sure what Page Rank is?

What is page rank Neil Asher

Don’t believe me?

Go to warrior forum and take a look at the hundreds of people that pay silly money every day for good PR back links.


If you owned a good PR website you could VERY easily sell back links and make some good cash.


Building a great PR website takes time… lots of time.

That’s why Google gives them high PR to start with!

Because Google trusts the website.

So how can you get a high PR website FAST


Flippa sells websites all day long that have high PR

A quick look this morning revealed 5 x PR 5 websites for sale at less than $1000

That would require you selling 40 back links to break even ($25 x 40 = $1000)

Don’t have $1000

No problem, start watching the sites you want and look for the ones that DON’T sell.

Then contact the owner and let them know you’ll pay $10 for a back link on the site

get the idea?


offer to partner up with the site owner and you sell the back links and they keep 50%

Either way it’s money for old rope for the site owner, who, we have already established wants cash for the site.

If it were me though I’d offer to buy the site for $2000 BUT at $100 a month for 20 months, let the owner keep control of the site and you simply need access.

Then start selling your back links and 4 a month covers your repayments 🙂


Wonder how many people who read this will say “that’s a great idea! and then  promptly do F.A???”

If you’re wondering what sort of entrepreneur you are see here


It’s a simple idea that works.

It’s up to you what you do with it now

Neil Asher