Are Boys Better More Likable Than Girls?

Using Facebook to end sibling rivalry…

Boys Vs Girls - Who Wins?

As part of our ongoing experiments I’ve set up some new facebook fanpages and I’ve been split testing the pictures not only in the ads but also on the fan page itself.

For the main part pictures on the fan page had no effect at all (something else does, will reveal all another time) BUT one thing that was interesting was that it seems that women are more inclined to click “like” if it is to do with their son than their daughter.


the same thing does not follow for men, men were equally as likely to click like for their sons or daughters.

What does this mean?

Well if you’re selling to parents you’re better off using imagery
of sons rather than daughters.

What about if you’re not selling to parents?

Here’s a tip, use facebook to test ads BEFORE you use them in
your marketing (website, print media etc) this way you’ll know
which pictures work best, headlines and offers.

The tests are cheap to do and the results remove a lot of the
guesswork and bias that we have when we put products and
campaigns together.

Give it a shot 🙂


P.S I’ve been doing a ton of writing lately about mindset and
personal transformations over at my other blog

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