Santa’s CrAzY 2017 Amazon plan

I know it’s Christmas night and you probably want to go to bed early tonight (I do too!) but I HAVE to tell you about this crazy little guy who showed up at my door tonight.

He was short, about 4 feet tall.

He also had weird shoes that curled at the toe.

And even more weird, he had pointy ears.

I asked him who he was and he said he was a messenger elf from Santa!

Apparently, Santa is getting older and slower, and he’s concerned about his retirement plan.

He‚Äôs been spending all his coin on naughty things instead of nice things ūüėČ

So he wanted my advice.

Can you believe that?

So here’s what I told this messenger to tell Santa:

1. Start an online business!

I told the messenger to tell Santa to start selling his own branded stuff on Amazon, santa toilet paper would be a big hit don‚Äôt cha think ūüėÄ

2. Quit eating the cookies and milk!

When going to down chimneys and seeing plate of cookies and a glass of milk, ignore it! And instead, leave a note next to them saying next year he’d prefer to be left fruit or maybe some meat and cheese, instead.

And instead of milk, I told him to ask for water.

If he needs advice, he should check out the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs:

3. Start charging kids for deliveries unless they’re members of Amazon prime

Santa spends way too much time delivering stuff, Amazon could do all his deliveries for free! Now that’s LEVERAGE baby!

I said to tell Santa this is NOT a get rich quickly thing.

It’s based on the same stuff all the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs are doing to set themselves free, so it‚Äôs not magic (no using his elves to get stuff done) but it does work.

4. Have a third list, naughty, nice and in-between

In other words…

Santa‚Äôs current system is too restrictive ūüėÄ

There are lots of things that kids do that’s kinda in-between naughty and nice


What about all those adult gifts that he delivers, I‚Äôm sure we all like the naughty ones much more ūüėČ

5. Lay off 50% of the elves

Let’s face it.

All those elves are dead weight.

And by trimming his workforce down, he’ll also trim his overhead down, too, because he’ll be forced to roll up his sleeves and do more work.

Anyway, so that’s that.

This is the plan I have for Santa.

We’ll see if he listens in 2017

Have a GREAT Christmas.

I’ll see you soon! ūüôā


WANTED: Novice Crew To ‚ÄúLEGALLY Rob Banks.‚ÄĚ

My dear old mum back in blighty is 72

She’s an avid gardener and loves watching dancing with the stars

I speak to her most weeks and once a month or so I’ll try and explain what I do to her

‚ÄúI buy things from Asia and then sell them to westerners‚ÄĚ

Is my standard approach

That’s a pretty easy way to understand selling online right?


She doesn’t get it at all

She can’t wrap her head around people shopping online

She thinks they’re crazy to let the Russians get access to their credit card details :d

and when I pushed her she told me that she just tells her friends that she

‚ÄúThinks I Rob Banks!‚ÄĚ



So the $45K a month i make on Amazon is like robbing a bank to my mum

Which is kinda cool don’t you think?

I remember that famous quote from the famous bank robber Willie Sutton

When he was asked why he robs banks he simply said

‚Äúbecause that‚Äôs where the money is‚ÄĚ

Well I sell on Amazon because that’s where the buyers are!

Want to join me selling online?

Then start a new business in 2017 and let me show you everything you need to make it a huge success!

Neil (Amazon Robber) Asher

3 stocks to sell because of Amazon

jeff-bezos-devilYou probably know already that Amazon is coming to Australia

That’s no secret

And I don’t need to tell you that will present an opportunity for you to set up an online business on Amazon and join the 70,000 other people that currently make over $130,000 a year on Amazon

Plus you already know that I’m the best person to show you how to start and build said cashola creating business through my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs


Yes you know these facts already


Did you think about your super and how that could benefit?

Hmmm thought not ūüėČ

Well my retirement hungry compadre let me show you the 3 stocks I am personally shorting through my self managed super

1. Harvey Norman

If ever a business was the definition of dinosaur it’s Harvey Norman, their website is terrible, their franchisees are being bank rolled by Gerry harvey to the tune of millions of dollars and they’re margins are just about to get eaten alive by Amazon

This stock is currently trading at $4.50

It’s going down down down baby

2. Woolworths

The increasingly competitive environment means sales and margins are likely to come under significant pressure, especially with the emergence of ALDI and the potential arrival of fellow low-cost German supermarket retailer Lidl in Australia.
Amazon has said that it’s targeting the home delivery market here in Oz with it’s Amazon Fresh offering.

This will be a major body blow for Woolies

The stock is currently $23.35

I have it tipped at $18

3. Myer

Myer as a business has a recent surge of good news but I doubt that the imminent arrival of Amazon has had anything other than a stultifying effect on the myer board

Old outdated stores

Old outdated labels

This darling of the noughts is in tail spin with more to come.

It’s one redeeming feature is the 65 department store leases it owns, which may prove valuable to an acquirer.

As for the structural soundness of the business, Amazon will eat it’s lunch

The stock is currently $1.07

I see nothing but bad news for Myer unless they get acquired

As I said the best investment you can currently make is educating yourself how to take advantage of the fact that Amazon is launching here

There will be winners and losers

I’d rather you were on the winning side

Join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and let me show you how to kick butt and carve out a slice of the $4 Billion pie that Amazon is expected to create here

Take a look at how you get your pie here


Disclaimer РI am not a FSA nor am I a stock broker, I’m a dude that makes cashola online and then invests it in other stuff, these are nothing more than educated guesses based on freely available data, so do your own research bubba

Even People From Melbourne Can Do This

The giant Skywhale hot-air balloon sculpture is inflated in Melbourne.  Pic. Nicole Garmston

The giant Skywhale hot-air balloon sculpture is inflated in Melbourne. Pic. Nicole Garmston

Do you like dogs?

I do, ever since I can remember my folks used to breed Alsatians back in Blighty

I grew up in Nottingham, I lived on the outskirts of Sherwood forest, back when there was a forest… now it’s mostly apartments

I used to walk the dogs every morning before school

Happy days

So when Aussie Online Entrepreneur Andrew Oliver told me he wanted to start selling dog products I was happier than a pug with a squeaky toy!

Andrew‚Äôs from Melbourne, I still let him in my group though (see how benevolent I am ūüėČ

He’d been trying to make it online for a while following goo roos and buying their bright shiny garbage

Now he’s with me

He’s finally getting some traction because my stuff works

He worked with another one of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, Karen Thomson, she’s an old hand in our group as she’s already making oodles of sales

So now his dog store is live and he’s seen the light

Now he wants my babies

I told him I‚Äôd be a sperm donor of awesomeness and that my seed was probably 90% red wine ūüėÄ

Wanna finally start your own online thang?

Then I’m your man!

Check out my awesome group of Aussie Online Entrepreneurs here

I can’t promise you you’ll want my babies but I can promise you it’s the fastest way to online success


Do You Have A secret Passion?

You know Steve Martin right

Incredible comedic talent

He sold out 100,000 arena’s

Movie Star (The Jerk is one of my all time favourite movies)


Lead Banjo player in a band


That’s right Steve Martin just happens to be a world class Banjo player

In his autobiography ‚ÄúBorn Standing Up‚ÄĚ there‚Äôs a quote that will change your life

Here it is

‚ÄúThis time next year you’ll wish you started today‚ÄĚ

Steve was passionate about banjo’s and loved the sound they made

He realised that if he wanted to learn to play the Banjo he just had to get started

If he didn’t, he’d look back on his life a year from now and wish he would have gotten started

It’s the same with business

This time next year you’ll wish you would have started today

Be Like Steve & Start Today

You can take the first step towards building your online business here

If you’re smart you’ll combine your passion (secret or otherwise) with your business

Steve could have sold Banjo‚Äôs too ūüôā


Offline to Online Strategy


Wanna Make £££ You've Gotta Work Your Ass Off

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote anything, a new business I’m a partner in has taken off MUCH faster¬†than we anticipated and so I’ve been head down bum up working my ass off.

Plus one of my other businesses the advanced child academy has doubled it’s revenue this month thanks to a¬†new marketing strategy I’ve been testing so I thought I’d share it with you.

OK this business is an online business as you may remember, in fact when I set it up I planned to be only online as it is easier for me to manage from other countries.

But I noticed that increasingly my customers where coming to the site directly instead of via my online marketing (facebook, adwords, bing and LinkedIn)

So I decided to call all my customers and have a chat with them, it’s amazing how few businesses actually talk to their customers!

I learnt that the products were getting good write ups in some magazines (we’ve won 11 awards this year alone).

So I got to thinking maybe I should take a look at running adverts in Magazines and newspapers and test it.

So I called Mark Pocock and asked him to write an advert for me (I NEVER skimp on getting good marketing done it’s false economy) ¬†and you can see it below:


If you look closely you’ll see there are 2 response mechanisms:

1. Go to


2. Text the word READ to a number (blanked out so you don’t try it as it costs me money)¬†

I did this because I thought long and hard about my target market and where they would be when they saw this advert, I knew they were mums sitting in coffee shops or at the park, with their phones.

I used text marketer –¬† for this service and they’ve been great.

Anyway the response is off the charts and as I said it’s doubled my business revenue so give it a try!

FYI my new business is me and a good friend doing the marketing for companies so they can get results like I get in my businesses, would you like me to do the marketing for your business?

If so e-mail me neil @ neilasher . com and I’ll get back to you.

nb I’ll probably get someone ask if I’ll work for free in exchange for a % of their profits, the answer is no, I don’t work for free and neither should you.

Enjoy your weekend!


P.S Humbly my automated follow up sequence for this is brilliant. If you want to see it done well get on that list, use the URL above, that AR sequence makes BIG money.

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Top 100 websites by revenue

top 100 websites by revenue

The top 100 websites by revenue

Top 100 websites by revenue

You can learn a lot from other businesses.

I am in no way shape or form a creative guy, I am however brilliant at seeing what works in one industry and then APPLYING those ideas in my own businesses.

So as part of my on going research I keep my eye on the top 100 websites in the English speaking world by revenue.

I figure if I’m going to research I might as well research the people who are making billions online right?

So anyway, here’s the top 100 websites by revenue, along with a link so you can check them out and their latest yearly online sales.

The top 100 websites by revenue

1. Inc. Mass Merchant

2. Staples Inc. Office Supplies

3. Apple Inc. Computers / Electronics

4. Dell Inc. Computers / Electronics

5. Office Depot Inc. Office Supplies

6. Mass Merchant

7. Sears Holdings Corp. Mass Merchant

8. Liberty Media Corp. (QVC, Liberty E-Commerce) Mass Merchant

9. OfficeMax Inc. Office Supplies

10. CDW Corp. Computers / Electronics

11. Best Buy Co. Computers / Electronics

12. Newegg Inc. Computers / Electronics

13. Netflix Inc. Books / Music / Videos

14. Computers / Electronics

15. W.W. Grainger Inc. Hardware / Home Improvement

16. Costco Wholesale Corp. Mass Merchant

17. Macy’s Inc. Mass Merchant

18. Victoria’s Secret Direct & Bath and Body Works Apparel / Accessories

19. HP Home & Home Office Store Computers / Electronics

20. J.C. Penney Co. Inc. Mass Merchant

21. L.L. Bean Inc. Apparel / Accessories

22. Target Corp. Mass Merchant

23. Systemax Inc. Computers / Electronics

24. Gap Inc. Direct Apparel / Accessories

25. Williams-Sonoma Inc. Housewares / Home Furnishings

26. HSN Inc. Mass Merchant

27. Inc. Mass Merchant

28. Amway Global Health / Beauty MLM

29.¬†Toys ‘R’ Us Inc.¬†Toys / Hobbies

30. Avon Products Inc. Health / Beauty MLM

31.¬†Kohl’s Corp.¬†Mass Merchant

32. Inc. Mass Merchant

33. Redcats USA Apparel / Accessories

34. Nordstrom Inc. Apparel / Accessories

35. Symantec Corp. Computers / Electronics

36. Vistaprint Ltd. Office Supplies

37. PC Connection Inc. Computers / Electronics

38. Saks Direct Apparel / Accessories

39. Neiman Marcus Group Inc., The Apparel / Accessories

40.¬†Cabela’s Inc.¬†Sporting Goods

41. Inc. Books / Music / Videos

42. Blockbuster Inc. Books / Music / Videos

43. Home Depot Inc., The Hardware / Home Improvement

44.¬†Musician’s Friend Inc.¬†Specialty / Non-apparel

45. Inc. Flowers / Gifts

46. Inc. Health / Beauty

47. Peapod LLC Food / Drug

48. Urban Outfitters Inc. Apparel / Accessories

49. Gilt Groupe Apparel / Accessories

50. J. Crew Group Inc Apparel / Accessories

51. CSN Stores LLC Housewares / Home Furnishings

52. PC Mall Inc. Computers / Electronics

53. Foot Locker Inc. Apparel / Accessories

54. Scholastic Inc. Books / Music / Videos

55. Crate and Barrel Housewares / Home Furnishings

56. Abercrombie & Fitch Co. Apparel / Accessories

57. American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Apparel / Accessories

58. Follett Higher Education Group Books / Music / Videos

59. U.S. Auto Parts Network Automotive Parts / Accessories

60. Blue Nile Inc. Jewelry

61. Market America Mass Merchant

62. Recreational Equipment Inc. Sporting Goods

63. Nutrisystem Inc. Food / Drug

64. Oriental Trading Co. Inc. Specialty / Non-apparel

65. Zones Office Supplies

66. Shutterfly Inc. Specialty / Non-apparel

67. YOOX Group Apparel / Accessories

68. Microsoft Corp. Computers / Electronics

69. Inc. Specialty / Non-apparel

70. Ralph Lauren Media LLC Apparel / Accessories

71. FTD Group Inc. Flowers / Gifts

72. Health / Beauty

73. Walgreen Co. Food / Drug

74. Disney Shopping Inc. Specialty / Non-apparel

75. FreshDirect LLC Food / Drug

76. Signature Styles LLC Apparel / Accessories

77. Hayneedle Inc. Mass Merchant

78. Nike Inc. Apparel / Accessories

79. Orchard Brands Corp. Apparel / Accessories

80. Inc. Hardware / Home Improvement

81. Weight Watchers International Inc. Food / Drug

82. Mass Merchant

83. CVS Caremark Corp. Food / Drug

84. Mass Merchant

85. Northern Tool + Equipment Co. Hardware / Home Improvement

86. Bass Pro Outdoor Online LLC Sporting Goods

87. Inc. Apparel / Accessories

88. Sierra Trading Post Inc. Apparel / Accessories

89. Net-a-Porter LLC Apparel / Accessories

90. Inc.  Health / Beauty

91.¬†Lowe’s Cos. Inc.¬†Hardware / Home Improvement

92. Eddie Bauer LLC Apparel / Accessories

93. Coldwater Creek Inc. Apparel / Accessories

94. Bluestem Brands Inc. Apparel / Accessories

95. Ann Inc. (formerly Ann Taylor Stores Corp.) Apparel / Accessories

96. Army & Air Force Exchange Service Mass Merchant

97. Colony Brands Inc. Food / Drug

98. Football Fanatics Inc. Apparel / Accessories

99. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. Food / Drug

100. Etronics Inc. Computers / Electronics

So there you go, the top 100 websites by revenue…¬†As you would expect there is a disproportionate number of tech companies selling PC’s etc… BUT what’s surprising (for me at least) is the number of companies that 5 years ago you would NEVER have expected to see online. Who would have thought we’d be buying our clothes and shoes online 5 years ago?

Not me.

Expect this to get more and more diverse as other industries catch up.

FYI Amazons online sales last year were¬†$34,200,000,000 That’s BILLION!

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most people won’t tell you this

When they want it you've gotta give it to em!

What’s the most important thing when it comes to making sales off and online?

– Copywriters think it’s the written word that sells

– Designers think it’s how the layout and images look

– Printers think it’s the quality of paper

– Product creators think it’s the quality of the product

what about you? what do you think?

This weekend I was in Geneva with Tash and Izzy

What a great city!

The swiss franc is the strongest currency in the world at the mo and it shows.

Anyway we were in the old part of Geneva shopping on Saturday, the sun was out and the place was packed with tourists and locals alike.

it was midday and Isabella started getting hungry.
nb if you’re a parent you’ll know there is an ascension process to kids that want something

1. they ask
2. they shout
3. they scream
4. the have a tantrum
5. meltdown!

She wanted Sushi… nothing else would do.

by 12.15 we were at level 4 as Tash and I franticly searched for Sushi.

12.25 with Izzy approaching meltdown we spot a small sushi restaurant hidden round a corner.

It was; very average and very expensive.


At that exact moment it was exactly what Izzy wanted and thus we wanted it too.


Here’s the idea for you.

You can have a very average product, crap copy (writing), crappy design and rubbishy paper etc


If you have customers who want what you sell you’ll make a fortune!


Start with what your customers want NOT with what you want to sell them.

Obsess over what they want


Over how you want to sell it to them.

Find your market first then create products for that market and you’ll do far better in business.

If you have a product right now, take a step back from it and re think who your customer is.

If you don’t have a product yet stop worrying about what to sell and start researching who has a problem.

More on this in future e-mails ūüôā

Neil Asher

P.S I will no doubt get LOTS of e-mails from people saying you should have quality: copy, design, product and printing


I know that, so re read the e-mail and get the lesson.

P.P.S I WAS going to show you a brilliant SEO strategy today to get a ton of back links for free, but it involves some nudity of the page 3 girl type… I didn’t know if that was appropriate so I held back, however if you would like to see it then hit the like button or the +1 button and I’ll know.