Why Geeks Fail Online

This year, some of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs will have BIG wins. Some, like Karen, who created her own brand of Australian organic skin care to sell on Amazon…

… and this year, some of my member will do absolutely NOTHING. Zip. Nada.

While a member like Anthony started from nothing and within 6 weeks was selling $1000 a week of his products on Amazon

… others will continue to spend months obsessing over which email software to use.

Creating spreadsheets.

Doing endless comparisons. Asking the question about Amazon in a dozen Facebook groups.

Members like Andrew, will crack 6-figures in 2017 because he’s laser-focused on his market and business model…

… and others will say things like, “I want to create products in three different markets at the same time!”. And, of course, will get zero traction in any of those products.

Members like Luke will continue to crank out products and take his business close to the 7-figure mark in the men’s grooming market.

… while others will spend 8 months writing a 225 page “ebook” to give away as a free lead magnet – when a simple 1-page checklist would have worked.

Members like Anne will build her business focused on one traffic source with low-cost Amazon ads…

… while others, will try to “be everywhere”.

Or worse, spend the entire year (and thousands of dollars in product) to try and build out a complex funnel themselves, instead of just relying on Amazon to take care of that for them.

After seeing so many succeed, yet so many continue to spin their wheels year after year is frustrating.

But here’s the thing.

You can ask ALL of our 246 Aussie Online Entrepreneurs who’ve had success in 2016 and will continue to grow their income in 2017.. what’s the secret to success?

And when you look at every answer. I mean really analyze the WHY behind their success.

From “keeping it simple” to “hyper-focused niching” to “client retention” – there will be ONE thing each answer has in common.

They simply got out of their own way.



Never launching.

Waiting until you read that “one more book” until you think you’re ready.

It’s all YOU!

And it’s all in your head.

All of this ends now. Not on January 1st, but right friggin now. Today. The 23rd of December 2016

No more excuses. No more waiting for the perfect time.

Commit to serving your market.

Commit to showing people you truly have their backs.

And commit to keeping it simple.

So this year if you’re ready to follow a simple step by step system to set yourself free then I’m your man!


If you want complex, geeky and techy then try somewhere else


worst girlfriend eva!

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaidaaaajge3ndjjztezlwvhn2mtndg2my1hndc4ltkyy2fiodizzjhjmanote – I’m not at all proud of what I’m about to tell you… I’m only giving you the gory details to make a point as you’ll see

Back in my single days I had a thing for married women

I’d look for ladies who were clearly smart, not valued by their husbands and bored with the status quo

Usually their husbands worked in very high demanding jobs that kept them at the office from 7am to 8pm and on call the rest of the time

I’d usually find these magnificent creatures at the Gym or yoga or even at the coffee shop

spotting them was a no brainer, they clearly were trying everything they knew, to get their husbands to take notice of them… to no avail… hubby was i love with his job

I’d meet them and very quickly let them know that I was there for a good time not a log time

I had no desire to break up a marriage, the husband was doing a stellar job of that

One day I found “Caroline”

She was typical of the bored lonely woman who’s husband was more interested in advancing his career then taking care of his wife

We had coffee and I gave her my pitch

“I’m not interested in coming between you and your hubby I’m just interested in getting wild with you”

It was longer than that but you get the idea 🙂


We start seeing each other

Things are fun

Lots of sexay-time

Then little by little

Things started to deteriorate

“you should have known that’s what I wanted”

became normal

She wanted me to be a mind reader

It all went pear shaped after that…

let me tell you, guys are terrible at mind reading

We’re kinda dumb when it comes to emotional intelligence

Ladies are hard wired to know that, men, not so

Now I’m very happily married my wife Tash and I go on a date night every Friday

The first 10 minutes of the date night is direct honest communication

Clear the air, it works well

Much better than expecting each other to know what’s happening in each others heads!

If you follow my step by step systems, It’s not like that when you sell things online

If you do what I say it’s VERY clear what your customer wants

All you have to do is create a product that gives your customers what they want

Right now the BIG opportunity is Amazon Australia

Over the weekend it was leaked that Amazon will launch phase 2 of their roll out in 2017

That means there will be a TON of incredible opportunities for you and me

Would you like to know how to create your own online business on Amazon?

Then I’m your man!

Right now there are 246 other Australians just like that are either already selling or just getting started

All stages of the entrepreneurial journey are in there

If you’ve ever wanted to do this then take a look


You’ll be glad you did

Neil Asher

the next trillionaire

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future.

What will happen and the opportunities that it will create.

If you haven’t ben paying attention you may have missed what I believe is the most exciting opportunity so far this millennium, the first trillionaire will be made in this industry without a doubt.

I defy you to watch this and not be blown away.

Just think of the possibilities this presents to us as entrepreneurs.

Digital delivery of physical goods is now possible.


Neil Asher

How To Split Test E-Mail Subject Lines

Testing makes perfect

I've been split testing LOTS of e-mail subject lines lately
using total business cart

The tests are a piece of cake to set up and the results are
VERY interesting… not least because they teach you how
to make more money doing the same thing :-)

First important thing is this:

Ever since I started testing stuff I've made more cash.

So naturally it follows you ought to test more stuff.

Before I give you the test results lets see how you get on with
these real life A/B split tests of e-mail subject lines.

Which did better?

1. Your child & the global nutrition crisis vs Is your child getting five servings of fruit & veggies a day?

2. Protect Yourself Kids From Chemical Foods vs Are You Buying This?

3. Are your kids eating enough blue food? vs what the heck is lycopene?

4. Kidz 5 A Day is the smart choice vs Protect your children with Kidz 5 A Day 

5. Are your vitamins poisoning your child? vs Daily children’s multivitamins that do more harm than good?

6. Do your kids think healthy is yucky? vs It’s time you changed the way your kids think about healthy food

7. Are you feeding your children enough sugar? vs The problem with artificial sweeteners & your children

8. Veggies your kids love to hate… vs Get your kids to love the healthy foods they hate

Think you know which ones were the winners? 

They’re all the subject lines in the first (A) column. 

In general, I found that:

Subject lines with our company name in did better, and they 
did better when the company name was near the beginning of 
the subject line (perhaps it was the increased recognition factor)

Shorter subject lines seemed to work better than long subject 
lines (the difference in open rate was more noticeable when 
they differed by 30 characters)

Cool huh?

If you ant to see these subject lines in action, get on my newsletter
here - http://www.kidz5aday.com/about-kidz-5-a-day/

Exit pop is the opt in newsletter on the right :-)

If you like this sort of stuff of course…. then again unlikely 
you'd be reading this if you didn't!


re How to make Oodles of cash online.

re How to make Oodles of cash online.
Following on from my last post:
I put 5 niches ideas to the test. 4 are crap
and 1 is looking very good.

I won't reveal the niche because if you're
smart you'd steal it and start doing it yourself :-)

So here's the Google adwords results for yesterday

Impressions 1471 (limited by budget)
Clicks 45
CTR (1471/45) = 3%
average cost per click = 27p

so now I know that without doing any optimization
or testing I can buy 100 targeted prospects to my
website for (27p x 100) £27

So If I sell my product for £29 I'll make £2 profit for
every 100 people assuming I get 1% conversion rate
 and £31 if I can get 2% conversion and my product
costs are zero. It's a digital product I plan to sell so
they would be zero.

This making sense?

So bottom line is I'm 99% sure I can make money in
this niche.

Next steps:

I will put up a content network campaign and see how
much potential traffic I can get there too.

I'm looking for a total of at least 5000 impressions and
CTR of more than 1% for the content network. which would
buy me another 50 visitors a day.

I'll also set up exactly the same campaign on Bing and
see what happens, my hope is to replicate the conversion
figures on Google.

I'll also double my Google budget to £20 a day and see
how many prospects I can buy.

Again I'm looking for at least 300 prospects a day for
this to be worth my time to get the site built, the product
created and the sales letter written.

That would give me about 5 sales a day and make me
about £100 a day without any upsells etc

So far my spend is £11 on Google and £2 for the domain
name and about an hour to put the thing together so far.

Yes you read that correctly I do NOT have a product, I do
NOT have a sales letter and I do NOT have a website, I have
a domain name with 5 articles on it.

Now for the important bit.

I tested 5 ideas, 4 were crap. 

1 is good, if you have tried to make money online before
BUT you only tried once and then you gave up, think about that.

I've been doing this for years and I still only have a 1 in 5
success rate.

But those successes…. thats where that cash is.

So what have I done with the 4 that didn't work?

Scrapped them of course and put up 4 more ideas :-)

I do hope that is inspiring for you and you decide to
give it another try.