My top 10 headlines of 2011

Bondi Beach For Christmas :o)

Well the year is coming to an end and we head off to Australia next weekend for a month.

So I thought I’d give you a special prez :o)

You know I love testing stuff (testing makes you £cash)

So here are the top 10 headlines of this year (by open rates)

at No 1 = A letter For You (From My Lawyer)

No 2 = Look Look Look!

No 3 = getting a divorce

No 4 = test e-mail V3

No 5 = do you make these dumb mistakes?

No 6 = Step By step facebook how to

No 7 = An Embarressing Confession 🙁

No 8 = Why you do the things you do

No 9 = Business partners wanted

No 10 = Geezer, you’ve gotta see this!

So there you go, my top 10 headlines for 2011 :o)

Give them a try in your business today


Carl Jung CopyWriting

The Master Of Archetypes - Carl Jung

Using archetypes to write compelling sales copy

Archetypes are recurring configurations that appear in myth, religion, folklore, fantasy, and dreams, as well as in art and literature. In addition to operating essentially at the subconscious level, archetypes recur universally in human experience: psychologist Carl Jung (whom you should study A LOT!) saw them as manifestations of what he called the “collective unconscious.” Archetypal criticism is one of several methods of reading a text. For example, one may trace the archetypes of death and rebirth, the search for the parent, the Promethean rebel, or the scapegoat in poems and short fiction.

Examples of archetypal literary figures, can be found at Understanding Literary Archetypes. This site also offers another explanation of these figures:

First of all, an archetype is a pattern from which copies can be made. That is, it is a universal theme that manifests itself differently on an individual basis. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that these archetypes were the result of a collective unconscious. This collective unconscious was not directly knowable and is a product of the shared experiences of our ancestors. Jung believed it was:

Primordial: That is, we, as individuals, have these archetypal images ingrained in our understanding even before we are born.

Universal: These archetypes can be found all over the world and throughout history. The manifestation of the idea may be different, but the idea itself is the same.

Archetypes fall into two major categories: characters, situations/symbols.

Some common literary character archetypes include:
The hero, the tragic hero, the villain, the scapegoat, the outcast/wanderer, the Christ-figure, the trickster, the genius, the star-crossed lovers, the mother/goddess, and the fool/clown.

Some common literary situational/symbolic archetypes include:
Good, evil, the task, the quest, the initiation, or the loss of innocence.

Archetypal Colors

Color = positive (negative)

Black = power (death, mourning)

Blue = nobility, tranquility (depression)

Brown = Earth, nature (confusion)

Gray = neutral (passionless)

Green = fertility, renewal, wealth (greed, envy)

Orange = adventure, change (forced change, disruptiveness)

Purple = royalty, positive personal growth (injury)

Red = sex, love (sacrifice, taboo, humiliation, danger)

White = purity, wholesomeness, rebirth (emptiness)

Yellow = enlightenment (cowardice, illness)

Archetypal Images

Water = purity, cleansing, baptism

Fire = purging, tribulation

Seasons = spring is birth, winter is death

Heavenly bodies = moon is change, sun is power

Circles = completeness, wholeness, unity

Plants = Oak is strength, rose is beauty

Animals = serpent is evil, lamb is innocent, lion is strong

Wilderness = place of testing, place of danger

Numbers = 3 is a divine trinity, 7 is perfect or luck (hence why we end all prices in 7)

Archetypal Characters-Motifs-Situations

The Quest = a search for someone or something that will restore fertility

The Task = refers to a superhuman feat that must be accomplished

The Journey = sends the hero in search for some truth or information necessary to restore harmony

The Initiation = a situation where an individual comes to maturity

The Ritual = refers to an organized ceremony for entrance into a community

The Fall = describes a decent in action from a higher to a lower state of being

Death and Rebirth = a pattern that grows out of the parallel between the cycle of nature and the cycle of life

Nature vs. Mechanistic World = a situation that positions nature against forces of technology

Father-Son Conflict (or Mother-Daughter) = tension resulting from separation during childhood or from an external source

Hunting Group of Companions = willing to face any number of perils in order to be with each other

Loyal Retainers = function as noble sidekicks to the hero; duty is protection

Friendly Beast = These animals assist the hero

The Devil Figure = represents evil incarnate.  May offer worldly goods, fame or knowledge but for a price

The Evil Figure with the Ultimately Good Heart = a redeemable devil figure or devil figure’s servant who is saved

The Scapegoat = a victim whose death or demise, often in public ceremony, expiates some taint or sin that has been visited upon the community

Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity = some characters intuitively exhibit more wisdom and understanding that supposedly more learned characters

The Outcast = banished from the community for a crime (real or imagined); destined to become a wanderer

The Earth Mother = character is symbolic of fruition, abundance and fertility

The Temptress = characterized by sensuous beauty; may bring about a hero’s downfall

The Platonic Ideal = source of inspiration (either physical or spiritual) for the hero’s attraction

The Unfaithful Wife = married to a man she sees as dull or distant, who is attracted to a more virile or interesting man

The Damsel in Distress = This vulnerable woman must be rescued by the hero; may be used by an evil figure as a trap

The Star-Crossed Lovers = two characters engaged in a love affair which is fated to end in tragedy due to the disapproval of society, friends, family or the gods.

The Creature of Nightmare = monster, physical or abstract, who is summoned from the deepest, darkest parts of the human psyche to threaten life

By weaving these int your sales copy you’ll tap into the deepest part of your prospects brain. A great book to read on this is Man and his symbols by Carl Jung, it’s the best book I’ve read on this topic.



50 Free High Page Rank Directories

Neil Asher Says SEO Sucks

You know I hate SEO right?

It’s a total pain in the ass to do and for a start up product test is a total waste of time.
Once you know your buying keywords and you know your product works (sells) then SEO is a great way to get extra traffic and there is evidence to suggest that it decreases the costs of other marketing too.
So my advice
DO NOT start with SEO when you’re testing a product.
DO NOT do SEO as a strategy to get traffic until you have tested your sales process.
DO NOT think that SEO is ‘free traffic’ it ain’t, you have to pay with time, the one thing you can never get back.
Having said that, once you’ve got paid traffic working well it’s smart to optimize.
If you’re like me you’re always looking for a high page rank backlink to your’s or a clients sites. Here are 50 great free directories that are all high page rank.
Add your site to one of these directories a week and watch your results!
Website Name PR
1 6
2 6
3 6
4 5
5 5
6 5
7 5
8 5
9 5
10 5
11 5
12 5
13 5
14 5
15 5
16 5
17 5
18 5
19 5
20 5
21 5
22 5
23 5
24 5
25 5
26 5
27 4
28 4
29 4
30 4
31 4
32 4
33 4
34 4
35 4
36 4
37 4
38 4
39 4
40 4
41 4
42 4
43 4
44 4
45 4
46 4
47 4
48 4
49 4
50 4
Neil Asher

An easy way to make money

what's for Christmas?

OK It’s Christmas soon

you’re no doubt thinking about money.

as in “do I have enough to buy my loved ones the great gifts they deserve”

Well let me give you a simple strategy to set up an online business.

Selling Back Links

SEO is tedious, boring and yet oh so important for the long term sustainable profits of your business.

(nb I hate SEO, it’s a crap way to get traffic for a new business, BUT, once your business is working and you know the buying keywords then it makes sense to optimise them so you get free traffic)


Back links sell for $25 EACH from a good PR web site

not sure what Page Rank is?

What is page rank Neil Asher

Don’t believe me?

Go to warrior forum and take a look at the hundreds of people that pay silly money every day for good PR back links.


If you owned a good PR website you could VERY easily sell back links and make some good cash.


Building a great PR website takes time… lots of time.

That’s why Google gives them high PR to start with!

Because Google trusts the website.

So how can you get a high PR website FAST


Flippa sells websites all day long that have high PR

A quick look this morning revealed 5 x PR 5 websites for sale at less than $1000

That would require you selling 40 back links to break even ($25 x 40 = $1000)

Don’t have $1000

No problem, start watching the sites you want and look for the ones that DON’T sell.

Then contact the owner and let them know you’ll pay $10 for a back link on the site

get the idea?


offer to partner up with the site owner and you sell the back links and they keep 50%

Either way it’s money for old rope for the site owner, who, we have already established wants cash for the site.

If it were me though I’d offer to buy the site for $2000 BUT at $100 a month for 20 months, let the owner keep control of the site and you simply need access.

Then start selling your back links and 4 a month covers your repayments 🙂


Wonder how many people who read this will say “that’s a great idea! and then  promptly do F.A???”

If you’re wondering what sort of entrepreneur you are see here


It’s a simple idea that works.

It’s up to you what you do with it now

Neil Asher

Getting a divorce

Getting a divorce

I have a business that is doing OK.

It makes makes a small profit, it’s a cool little business and i like the product it sells.


I’ve been working on it for a year now and It’s still not doing great and I have to face the reality that it never will.

If I look at the time I invest in the business each week 7 – 10 hours I have to be a realist and ask myself

“Could I use that time in another business and get a better ROI?”

The answer is yes…. specifically the answer is I’ll never know unless I try.

Lots of people stay in relationships because it ‘tolerable’ it’s not great and it’s not terrible, it’s OK.

I think this is slow death.

But that’s me.

I hear lots of people stay in jobs that they no longer like as well… I tend to think that these people must have forgotten that they are dying. I think when you remember this and truly believe it then it becomes VERY hard to do anything at all unless you actually want too.

For me business is a relationship.

It’s easy to start a business and when you do there is a rush of euphoria, everything is new, the learning curve is steep.

Then you take the rose coloured glasses off, you see the problems with the business.

your business is better than mine

There is the inevitable ‘grass is greener’ phase where you look at other peoples businesses and think there’s is better.

And then for most people we come to a deeper level of love and respect for the business.

Over time though that can wane, and when it does it’s time to spice things up (i’m loving all these sexual metaphors :p) new products, new services and new ideas… sometimes even a new member to the team!

But alas, for some businesses it’s no good, what was once working, no longer does. For these businesses 2 choices remain.

1. To sell/close it

2. To soldier on ‘tolerating’ it.

Sometimes you have to let it go. It’s best for both of you.

So I’ve decided to close the business, sure `i could sell it, but finding a buyer takes time and energy again and for me I’d rather just move on.

You’ve gotta know when to hold em and you’ve gotta know when to fold em.

If you’re soldiering on with a career, business, friendship or business that is just OK…. it’s time to make a decision.

Remember it’s hard to let new things into your life when you’re holding on to old things.


P.S Hmmm now that I think about it I wonder if people who jump from one e-book to the next have got commitment issues?

Fear of failure would seem like a glib and too simplistic diagnosis, yet commitment issues tend to be all about fear of failure.

If you’re jumping from one thing to another without actually giving anything a real try, maybe it’s time to stop.

are boys more likeable than girls?

Using Facebook to alter branding 

As part of our ongoing experiments I've set up some new 
facebook fanpages and I've been split testing the pictures not 
only in the ads but also on the fan page itself.

For the main part pictures on the fan page had no effect at all 
(something else does, will reveal all another time) BUT one 
thing that was interesting was that it seems that women are more 
inclined to click "like" if it is to do with their son than their daughter.


the same thing does not follow for men, men were equally as 
likely to click like for their sons or daughters.

What does this mean?

Well if you're selling to parents you're better off using imagery 
of sons rather than daughters.

What about if you're not selling to parents?

Here's a tip, use Neil Asher facebook to test ads BEFORE you use them in 
your marketing (website, print media etc) this way you'll know
which pictures work best, headlines and offers.

The tests are cheap to do and the results remove a lot of the 
guesswork and bias that we have when we put products and 
campaigns together.

Give it a shot :-)


P.S We had Tash's birthday party on Saturday night…. Tash LOVES 
Peking Duck pancakes, so I spent all day Saturday making and 
prepping the duck… at 7pm I put the duck into the oven ready 
for 8.30 at 7.15 the kitchen was full of black smoke!

Pictures here:

If that link is busted just go to my FB page and check the photo's :-)

some simple math (that IF you do it will make you richer)

So you want to be a super affiliate… riches beyond riches await you.

You’ve found a great product you want to promote in a hot niche.

You’re just about to start running ads… but ….WAIT!

Spend a few minutes with me and lets see if this will work for you

first BEFORE you blow your cash on running ads.

The product that you’re promoting sells online for £47

Lets break that down.

The network gets 10% usually (plimus, clickbank etc)

Leaving £47 – 10% = £42.30

You can usually count on 5 – 10% refunds and chargebacks so lets take that off too.

£42.30 – 7% = £39.34

OK now the product owner gets their cut usually 50%

£39.34 / 2 = £19.67

is your potential profit as an affiliate 🙂


Your expenses have to come off this.

So lets put aside the fixed costs of your hosting an e-mail software

Lets also assume you make your own banners (pretty easy to do)

So your BIG variable expense online is advertising cost.

Think Google, facebook, media buys etc

So here’s a simple way to look at this.

as long as you spend LESS on buying advertising than £19.67

You’re happy :o)

Spend more and your sad 🙁

Get the idea?

Moving on.

lets say a website converts traffic into buyers at a rate of 1 visitor per hundred 1/100 or 1%

Which is conservative but very normal, the range is 1-2% on average

So for every hundred people you send to the site you’ll get paid £19.67

easy money huh 😉

so how much can you spend per visitor?

simple math

£19.67/100 = 19p

So each of your clicks MUST cost less than 19p or you’re screwed.

That very simple math is not done by 99% of people online.

So if you’re smart (and you are cuz you read my stuff) you’re asking yourself

“Where can I buy targeted clicks for <19p?”

Now you’re thinking like a marketer :o)

The answer is more complicated and I’ll save that for a future e-mail


what to call your products

Product names are important.

Get it right and it conveys to your target market exactly what they want to hear.

Get it wrong and you’ll follow the same fate as millions of other products… product oblivion.

Here’s a simple way to do it.

Right now I’m working on a new all in 1 superfood powder aimed at adults.

So step 1

Reaserch my competitors and see what I can learn.

This means buying their product, calling customer service, asking questions, getting onto the forums to see what people like about it and dislike.

Taking notes and bullet pointing the lessons.

Then head over to Amazon and see what is selling well on there.

When you find a good seller go to the product and read the reviews, this is GOLD

See some Amazon reviews here

The reviews tell you the benefits that people get when they take the product.

Which of course is what you really want to know.

What are the benefits that people look for.

For example for the product above I saw:

Organic Greens

Super Nutrients





daily 5

organic 5 a day

all natural

inner health

nudie innocent




energizer complete






Cool list of words huh?

Now I start merging those words together.

Total Boost

natural Energizer

etc etc

until I arrive at 3 I like.

Then I register the domain names, the facebook names and check trademarks.

If all that works out I run Google adwords on an obvious ad with those domain names

Organic Super Food

Want the best?

80 Organic Superfoods or

for instance

and watch the CTR

The winning ad shows me the winning name 🙂

Simple huh

Now this is NOT an exact science but it’s 95% accurate for predicting something that will work.

Give it a shot!






2 Facebook Niches That Work

2 important things

1. I've been testing LOTS of facebook fan pages recently
and I've come to the conclusion that the best ones are VERY
niche markets that have more than 10,000 potential fans
for your page as shown when you do your research in FB

an example of this would be radio controlled car enthusiasts

if you check in facebook there are 47K people you can target

there are no competitors



LOTS of products you can sell them as an affiliate :-)

Might be a good niche for someone…..

Also try Horse Riding, LOTS of potential imho

So the strategy is build a fanpage within facebook, pay for traffic using
FB ads and put lots of great content u and interact to get credibility then 
send offers etc :-)

In total contrast, Australians Marc Lindsay and Daniel Turner
have mastered a different way of doing successful affiliate

They build basic, very quick, 5-page websites that continue to
earn revenue month after month with little maintenance.

They've been using this process to make a full-time living online
for 5 years. Thousands of their students are seeing continuing
success using it, too.

Marc lives not far from where Tash was born on the Australian Gold Coast.

It's Winter there at the mo and 22 degrees! nice huh :-)


He believes in providing really good value. He's even willing to
show you a couple of his successful sites.

Check them out here...

(You'll need your speakers turned on so you can hear Marc explain
their system.)

Check it out :-)