Kick Ass Strategy to get more “stuff”

This may get a little techy, forgive me if it does, it’s worth reading as what I’m going to show you is gold.

If you’ve followed my stuff for a while you’ll have heard me talk about re marketing.

Essentially it’s when someone goes to your website they get a cookie placed on their site and through this cookie you can show them your ads on the content network at a lower cost because they have already been to your site.

Hence re marketing, as in, you are re marketing to your visitors.

I know I’ve glossed over that but in the interest of brevity (it’s Saturday and I’m going out) that will have to do for now, anyway does it make sense?


So let’s think of this another way.

Now you have a group of people who have visited your website that you can show your ads too.

This is, essentially, a list.

and that’s how I want you to think of remarketing, as;

The ability to turn every visitor to your site into a opt in, with 100% success!

Excited yet?



Facebook fan pages.


Drive traffic to a fan page and get them to click “like”

This then means you can e-mail them AND remarket to them through facebook


Much more importantly market to THEIR friends through facebook.

Again I don’t have time to go into that right now but think of this

People who are referred to you are 3 times as likely to buy.

facebook lets you target the friends of people who like your page


A Referral, If I’ve explained that properly and you’re a marketer you’ll be panting at this point.

If not, I suck.


Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Once I have the cookie placed through retargeting, I do 2 things:

1. Market my stuff in a different way, different hot buttons, offers etc

2. Market other stuff to them.

Simple right? Especially when you think of these things as lists


I’ve started marketing my facebook fanpages use remarketing and

vice versa

massive win!

This is an awesome strategy because you get:

– VERY powerful leverage (the ROI is through the roof)

– Social proof that your stuff rocks

– to build a list on a different platform

– to market to their friends once they hit like

and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it :o)

It works like billy ho