lets start a business together

Wanna be my business partner (no £ investment required)

There is no doubt times are tough, property prices are own, unemployment is up, inflation is at 8% the government is squabbling over who caused it and the EU is setting itself up for a Greek default.

Times are tough.


This creates opportunities, ebay’s third quarter profits have JUMPED up, many businesses are set up to profit from these tough times.

Would you like to be involved in one that will be?

Half the time the only thing stopping you getting started online is a good idea and an incentive to take action, am I right?

So I thought I’d create a way for you to win, easily, and to have the hard work and money invested to make this work.

I test 4 – 5 new products a month and have a very specific methodology to do that, part of my research has shown me a BIG opportunity that is set to go BIG.

I see an opportunity for a “how to” guide aimed at saving money in these tough times.

I could get the book written myself on e-lance or use one of my writers but where’s the fun in it 🙂

So I thought I’d ask you if you want to form a syndicate to write it with me.

Don’t worry you don’t need to be a published author! This will be very simple, you’ll research and write 1 chapter only.

The chapter will be 20 or so pages, it can be more if you have some good stuff you want to share.

You’ll write a how to and include letters to send and address details so people have a plug and play way to do this.

For your part you’ll own a % of the business and we’ll split the profits between the contributors.

I’ll invest in marketing the business in magazines and newspapers, I’ll write the sales letter and get all the creative work done.

My personal investment BEFORE I spend my money on advertising will be £5,000+ then of course I’ll run ads in the major newspapers and magazines.

To give you some idea;

A quarter page ad in the daily mirror (a great market for this) is £4500 + vat

A quarter page ad in The Sun is £6000 + vat

As I said I’ll invest in the marketing. Your role is research and writing.

There are some ground rules.

1. You will have 45 days to research and write your chapter

2. You must write original content, you are VERY welcome (encouraged) to get ideas from the numerous forums etc and you will be able to find 80% of the info there. You must then put it into your own voice.

3. Your work will be shown to the other 11 writers, if they don’t think you’ve put the work in you’ll be asked to do more research etc till it’s good enough.

4. Nothing in life is certain only death and crappy governments taxing us. So if you expect this to work guaranteed then grow up. We will all do our very best but business is risk. The idea is great and the research tells me this will sell very well but until we put it to the test we’ll never know.

That’s it!

Want in?

OK e-mail me and I’ll tell you the niche.

neil at neilasher dot c0m

Want a clue?

This week I got another parking ticket, I believe this is a stealth tax along with many other stealth tax’s. Did you know that there are 30 ways to avoid paying a parking ticket?


I have a small willy :o)

Whilst in France I got a speeding ticket doing 220kph in my Porsche, I managed to avoid getting banned and a hefty fine because I asked some specific questions.

(nb I’m not proud that I was dumb enough to go that fast)


Right now there are literally billions of pounds sitting in unclaimed benefits, benefits that are rightfully yours, what if you knew how to ask the right questions to get them.

Get the idea?

Ok e-mail me if you’re interested.


P.S I’m looking for 12 people only so it’s first in best dressed so e-mail me now.