Neil Asher – does my bum look big in this?


I get asked this question a lot!

Looks are important to all of us
we take in the world with our eyes

online, our “eyes” is our computer screen
some have big screens some small.

Think iphone vs home computer

so it’s no surprise that the size of your
screen has a profound effect on the
look and functionality of your website

did you know that if your ‘buy now’ button
has to be scrolled to be seen you’ll lose
18% of sales on average?


Holy cow

So it pays to know how your website looks for
your customers with their varying screen

Check that out

this little baby tells you exactly how your site looks
in the most popular screen sizes

you’ll see our buy now button is out of view
for smaller screen sizes… BAD!

We’re changing this right now

Good to know huh?


“No your bum looks great honey”

enjoy your weekend!

Neil Asher