Sir Michael Wilshaw

Sir Michael Wilshaw

Hi if you’re reading this then Hurrah!

You’ve found me doing some SEO for a youtube post all about Sir Michael Wilshaw

I saw a great a great article on the BBC today all about sire Michael Wilshaw and he was saying how

terrible our schools are and that kids are not being taught what they need to do well in life.

Shocking and that’s what Sir Michael Wilshaw says too.

Anyway one of the products we market is a early learning programme for kids so this is a great opportunity to

leverage the media and drive some free traffic to my site :-0

so that’s what I’m doing.

I’ve also set up a google adwords campaign on the keywords that are trending for this too

Sir Michael Wilshaw

Sir Michael Wilshaw PPC campaign

That’s my ad 🙂 here it is in case you can’t see it

  • “Child Literacy in The UK
  • Is Appalling” Says Michael Wilson
  • For 1-4 years – There Is A Solution
cool huh 🙂

and notice I’m linking to BIG sites so that this post gets lots of credability with Google and ranks faster for the keyword

Sir Michael Wilshaw get the idea?

So once again this is how to take advantage of this for a new media and SEO

I’ll also e-mail my list about the video as it sells my product at the end


P.S watch this video Sir Michael Wilshaw so you can see how I monetize the youtube traffic 🙂