some simple math (that IF you do it will make you richer)

So you want to be a super affiliate… riches beyond riches await you.

You’ve found a great product you want to promote in a hot niche.

You’re just about to start running ads… but ….WAIT!

Spend a few minutes with me and lets see if this will work for you

first BEFORE you blow your cash on running ads.

The product that you’re promoting sells online for £47

Lets break that down.

The network gets 10% usually (plimus, clickbank etc)

Leaving £47 – 10% = £42.30

You can usually count on 5 – 10% refunds and chargebacks so lets take that off too.

£42.30 – 7% = £39.34

OK now the product owner gets their cut usually 50%

£39.34 / 2 = £19.67

is your potential profit as an affiliate 🙂


Your expenses have to come off this.

So lets put aside the fixed costs of your hosting an e-mail software

Lets also assume you make your own banners (pretty easy to do)

So your BIG variable expense online is advertising cost.

Think Google, facebook, media buys etc

So here’s a simple way to look at this.

as long as you spend LESS on buying advertising than £19.67

You’re happy :o)

Spend more and your sad 🙁

Get the idea?

Moving on.

lets say a website converts traffic into buyers at a rate of 1 visitor per hundred 1/100 or 1%

Which is conservative but very normal, the range is 1-2% on average

So for every hundred people you send to the site you’ll get paid £19.67

easy money huh 😉

so how much can you spend per visitor?

simple math

£19.67/100 = 19p

So each of your clicks MUST cost less than 19p or you’re screwed.

That very simple math is not done by 99% of people online.

So if you’re smart (and you are cuz you read my stuff) you’re asking yourself

“Where can I buy targeted clicks for <19p?”

Now you’re thinking like a marketer :o)

The answer is more complicated and I’ll save that for a future e-mail