steal this

I remember at school it was naughty to copy, it got you into trouble.

Then at university if you copied it was called plagiarism and they’d kick you out if uni

Now in business, copying is good!

“If you steal from one author, it’s plagiarism; if you steal from many, it’s research.”

Reinventing the wheel is for inventors, entrepreneurs see what’s working and adapt.

Here’s a great example:

This week we have been split testing images for our home page at kidz 5 a day.

We used Google web site optimizer and set up a very simple 4 way test with 4 different images

I copied various other websites for ideas and sent some traffic to the experiment.

Our winner with a 22% improvement in conversions is…..

Kidz 5 A Day


This is the old one:

Buy Kidz 5 A day

Buy Kidz 5 A day

Here’s where I copied the idea from

I love proactive, it’s owned by guthy renkar and BTW that single business does $200 mill a year… not bad huh.


Look at what other people are doing in your industry, look at what other industries do and copy ideas.

It works!

And saves a ton of time.

(nb you MUST test ideas other wise you’re pi**ing in the dark)

22% improvement!

Think about that for a second.

22% MORE money for testing something.

“Genius Borrows nobly.” Emerson

Porridge anyone?


P.S I love wine 🙂 2 very cool things re wine:

1. Drayton Bird who is a genius has a client (naked wines) who is going to be huge in the wine industry

2. you can get £50 of wine for free from them (and see Draytons awesome marketing) here