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Wanna Make £££ You've Gotta Work Your Ass Off

Sorry it’s been a while since I wrote anything, a new business I’m a partner in has taken off MUCH faster than we anticipated and so I’ve been head down bum up working my ass off.

Plus one of my other businesses the advanced child academy has doubled it’s revenue this month thanks to a new marketing strategy I’ve been testing so I thought I’d share it with you.

OK this business is an online business as you may remember, in fact when I set it up I planned to be only online as it is easier for me to manage from other countries.

But I noticed that increasingly my customers where coming to the site directly instead of via my online marketing (facebook, adwords, bing and LinkedIn)

So I decided to call all my customers and have a chat with them, it’s amazing how few businesses actually talk to their customers!

I learnt that the products were getting good write ups in some magazines (we’ve won 11 awards this year alone).

So I got to thinking maybe I should take a look at running adverts in Magazines and newspapers and test it.

So I called Mark Pocock and asked him to write an advert for me (I NEVER skimp on getting good marketing done it’s false economy)  and you can see it below:


If you look closely you’ll see there are 2 response mechanisms:

1. Go to


2. Text the word READ to a number (blanked out so you don’t try it as it costs me money) 

I did this because I thought long and hard about my target market and where they would be when they saw this advert, I knew they were mums sitting in coffee shops or at the park, with their phones.

I used text marketer – for this service and they’ve been great.

Anyway the response is off the charts and as I said it’s doubled my business revenue so give it a try!

FYI my new business is me and a good friend doing the marketing for companies so they can get results like I get in my businesses, would you like me to do the marketing for your business?

If so e-mail me neil @ neilasher . com and I’ll get back to you.

nb I’ll probably get someone ask if I’ll work for free in exchange for a % of their profits, the answer is no, I don’t work for free and neither should you.

Enjoy your weekend!


P.S Humbly my automated follow up sequence for this is brilliant. If you want to see it done well get on that list, use the URL above, that AR sequence makes BIG money.

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free SEO videos (step by step rank No 1)

Last week I told you I built my dad a new website:

I used every trick I know to make sure his
website makes him a lot of money.

Plumbing and drainage is a VERY competitive
market so we used the latest SEO strategies
to get the site to rank very quickly for his
buying keywords.

fast drain unblocking

If you search google for that you’ll see
his site is already ranking very well.

(No 1 & 2 when I just checked)

Would you like to see how I did that?

Well I video’d the whole thing so I can
use them as training videos for my team

Want a copy for free?

OK here’s how to get it, simply e-mail
me a testimonial about how my e-mails
and marketing tips have helped your business

neil @


Once I get that I’ll send you a link to the
training video’s

They’re uncut

You’ll hear me giving specific instructions

Step by step

Every detail and strategy covered.

If you want to rank No 1 in Google
for a very competitive keyword in
just 6 days e-mail me a testimonial now


want to see my dads website?

It’s not very often I build websites anymore,
time is much better utilised working on selling
than creating but when my dad asked me to
re do his website I wanted to look after it personally.

So naturally I’ve utilised all the best SEO, PPC marketing
and mobile strategies to make sure his site kills it.

It’s my dad after all 🙂

Anyway I video’d the whole process from start to finish
including the secret SEO stuff I never talk about (some
strategies are for me only 😉


If you look hard you’ll see them (hint social media likes)


If you want to take a look you can see it below

Before you go look.

If you have a website and want to get some link juice
e-mail me and I’ll put your link on one of my sites
in return you’ll put a link on your site.

Fair enough?

OK here’s the site:

drains unblocked derby

See if you can spot the SEO and Mobile strategies

after all you can be sure I did EVERYTHING I can
for my dad 🙂


P.S If you want to link swap let me know 🙂

be warned

Let me outline a situation for you quickly:

Hypothetically, you’re a public company that lives and dies on it’s share price.

For years you’ve been the only supplier of your product.

You’ve made billions!

The shareholders are happy :o)

Then along comes a new upstart company.

They grow twice as fast as you did.

They’re smarter than you and they know it.

They’re stealing your business, your share price falters and the investors want ACTION!

So you go looking for ways to grow your revenue, but there is only a finite universe of people who want your product, it’s not like you can manufacture customers.

So you’re options are to:

1. Sell more to your existing customers

2. Take more from your existing customers

What do you do?

If you’re smart you’ll do both.

This is the situation Google finds itself in today Google announced that it would be altering it’s keyword triggering algorithms

in effect Google says it will no longer serve exact match keywords as exact match it will now serve them as quasi phrase match keywords to help us (the poor poor advertisers) do better….

So to make this very clear for you, yesterday one of my keywords [teach my baby how to read] would ONLY serve my ad IF someone typed in that exact word combo in that exact word order.

And as you can see that’s a strong indicator of buying interest for my product.

However; this is what Google says:

“Starting in mid-May, phrase and exact match keywords will match close variants, including misspellings, singular/plural forms, stemmings, accents and abbreviations”

That all looks great until you realise that search intent varies greatly from word to word!

What this will do for Google is vastly increase the number of times my ads get shown and clicked on resulting in MUCH more money for them and less in my bank account.

So my advice is get to work NOW on negative keywords, because come May your traffic may spike but your conversions will drop.

Neil Asher

P.S Facebook‘s ad revenue took a hit recently so expect a similar strategy from them in the not to distant future….

P.P.S want to opt out of this?

  1. Click the Settings tab.
  2. Scroll to the “Advanced settings” section. Click the Keyword matching options link.
  3. In the “Exact and phrase match” section, select “Do not include close variants”.

Sexy P.R? Neil Asher

Neil Asher LOVES PR


I've just started a new P.R firm to look after
the P.R for Kidz 5 A Day

I Learnt a long time ago that the worst number
in business is 1 so I diversify my marketing
as much as possible now.

Doing both online and offline multiple
strategies to attract new business is smart.


I interviewed a ton of firms and 1 of my questions
for the P.R teams was this:

Q. What's the difference between Direct Response,
advertising and P.R?

simple huh?

Anyway the winner gave me the following answer;

A. Once again, sex explains everything Neil...including
the differences between direct marketing, advertising and PR. 

You go to a party and you see a SEXY chickybabe across the room.
You go up to her and say "Hi, I'm great in bed, what about it?"

That's direct marketing. 

You go to a party and you see a SEXY chickybabe across the room.
You give your friend ten quid. He goes up and says "Hi, my friend
over there is great in bed, what about it?"... 

That's advertising. 

You go to a party, you see a SEXY chickybabe across the room.
She comes over and says, "Hi, I hear you're great in bed, what about it?"...

That is the power of PR


Needless to say they got the job!

I'll let you know how things go

Neil Asher

P.S I'm putting on a free affiliate marketing seminar in London
my plan is 1 day, free, and you have to agree to invest £500
on implementing what I teach you…. I suspect that last caveat
will get rid of all the looky loos and leave the people who actually
want to learn… if that's you e-mail me and I'll send you more info :-)

Neil Asher top 10 wordpress plugins

neil asher My Top 10 Must have wordpress plugins:

10 Must Have WP plugins











Bonus 1 :-0


Then I use the editor to put tracking codes into footers etc 🙂

Neil asher

Neil Asher – does my bum look big in this?


I get asked this question a lot!

Looks are important to all of us
we take in the world with our eyes

online, our “eyes” is our computer screen
some have big screens some small.

Think iphone vs home computer

so it’s no surprise that the size of your
screen has a profound effect on the
look and functionality of your website

did you know that if your ‘buy now’ button
has to be scrolled to be seen you’ll lose
18% of sales on average?


Holy cow

So it pays to know how your website looks for
your customers with their varying screen

Check that out

this little baby tells you exactly how your site looks
in the most popular screen sizes

you’ll see our buy now button is out of view
for smaller screen sizes… BAD!

We’re changing this right now

Good to know huh?


“No your bum looks great honey”

enjoy your weekend!

Neil Asher

we have a problem

Greetings 🙂

Neil Asher - what to do when things go wrong

Neil Asher - what to do when things go wrong

Normally I tell you about stuff that’s working
which is great of course and helps you.


What about when stuff goes wrong?

Most people won’t tell you about that stuff as
“it’s bad for business” meaning they want you
to think everything is perfect.

Believe me…. sh*t happens!

So I thought I’d give you a heads up on a recent project
and some of the problems we’ve had so that you
can avoid them 🙂

Lesson No 1.
Test everything (twice) and expect problems.

I regularly get people on my facebook page to help
me test out websites in exchange for free products.

This is a great strategy and gives you some VERY
valuable info, however, even after doing this and all
my team going through the site invariabley when we
go “live” we get problems.

So my advice put your site live and slowly send traffic to it!

Lesson No 2
Everything costs twice as much and takes 3 times as long

We test 2 business ideas a month usually, we have it down to
an art, everything is systemized, we have great suppliers we
work with, and still we hit snags that end up costing us time
and money, this is inevitable.

My advice, when you do your plan, double everything!

Lesson No 3
Traffic starts slow…. deal with it

When I put a business live the temptation to
send massive amounts of traffic to the site is
hard to resist.

I like nothing more than making 5 – 6 grand on the first
day of a new site.


This is not the way to do things.

This is a recipe for losing tons of cash fast.

My advice, start with the very best targeted traffic you can.

Once you can make that convert, start to broaden your keywords
and targeting in facebook.

Then as you know how things convert you can ramp up 🙂

So there you go.

If you take my advice you’ll save a ton of time
and money.

Neil Asher