want to see my dads website?

It’s not very often I build websites anymore,
time is much better utilised working on selling
than creating but when my dad asked me to
re do his website I wanted to look after it personally.

So naturally I’ve utilised all the best SEO, PPC marketing
and mobile strategies to make sure his site kills it.

It’s my dad after all 🙂

Anyway I video’d the whole process from start to finish
including the secret SEO stuff I never talk about (some
strategies are for me only 😉


If you look hard you’ll see them (hint social media likes)


If you want to take a look you can see it below

Before you go look.

If you have a website and want to get some link juice
e-mail me and I’ll put your link on one of my sites
in return you’ll put a link on your site.

Fair enough?

OK here’s the site:

drains unblocked derby

See if you can spot the SEO and Mobile strategies

after all you can be sure I did EVERYTHING I can
for my dad 🙂


P.S If you want to link swap let me know 🙂