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Greetings 🙂

Neil Asher - what to do when things go wrong

Neil Asher - what to do when things go wrong

Normally I tell you about stuff that’s working
which is great of course and helps you.


What about when stuff goes wrong?

Most people won’t tell you about that stuff as
“it’s bad for business” meaning they want you
to think everything is perfect.

Believe me…. sh*t happens!

So I thought I’d give you a heads up on a recent project
and some of the problems we’ve had so that you
can avoid them 🙂

Lesson No 1.
Test everything (twice) and expect problems.

I regularly get people on my facebook page to help
me test out websites in exchange for free products.

This is a great strategy and gives you some VERY
valuable info, however, even after doing this and all
my team going through the site invariabley when we
go “live” we get problems.

So my advice put your site live and slowly send traffic to it!

Lesson No 2
Everything costs twice as much and takes 3 times as long

We test 2 business ideas a month usually, we have it down to
an art, everything is systemized, we have great suppliers we
work with, and still we hit snags that end up costing us time
and money, this is inevitable.

My advice, when you do your plan, double everything!

Lesson No 3
Traffic starts slow…. deal with it

When I put a business live the temptation to
send massive amounts of traffic to the site is
hard to resist.

I like nothing more than making 5 – 6 grand on the first
day of a new site.


This is not the way to do things.

This is a recipe for losing tons of cash fast.

My advice, start with the very best targeted traffic you can.

Once you can make that convert, start to broaden your keywords
and targeting in facebook.

Then as you know how things convert you can ramp up 🙂

So there you go.

If you take my advice you’ll save a ton of time
and money.

Neil Asher