what to call your products

Product names are important.

Get it right and it conveys to your target market exactly what they want to hear.

Get it wrong and you’ll follow the same fate as millions of other products… product oblivion.

Here’s a simple way to do it.

Right now I’m working on a new all in 1 superfood powder aimed at adults.

So step 1

Reaserch my competitors and see what I can learn.

This means buying their product, calling customer service, asking questions, getting onto the forums to see what people like about it and dislike.

Taking notes and bullet pointing the lessons.

Then head over to Amazon and see what is selling well on there.

When you find a good seller go to the product and read the reviews, this is GOLD

See some Amazon reviews here

The reviews tell you the benefits that people get when they take the product.

Which of course is what you really want to know.

What are the benefits that people look for.

For example for the product above I saw:

Organic Greens

Super Nutrients





daily 5

organic 5 a day

all natural

inner health

nudie innocent




energizer complete






Cool list of words huh?

Now I start merging those words together.

Total Boost

natural Energizer

etc etc

until I arrive at 3 I like.

Then I register the domain names, the facebook names and check trademarks.

If all that works out I run Google adwords on an obvious ad with those domain names

Organic Super Food

Want the best?

80 Organic Superfoods

www.naturalenergizer.com or www.totalboost.com

for instance

and watch the CTR

The winning ad shows me the winning name 🙂

Simple huh

Now this is NOT an exact science but it’s 95% accurate for predicting something that will work.

Give it a shot!