What Will People Buy?

The Eu Is Broke Run For Your Lives!

The Eu Is Broke Run For Your Lives!

You can be the best marketer in the world but if you’re trying to sell something no one wants you’ll go broke very quickly.

So how do you know what people want?

Well I’ve shown you a number of cool ways to test ideas and to get ideas to test in previous e-mails/posts but this is a new and very cool way to know.


43 things is a site that lets you write your goals and share your progress.

(marketers dream)

This, put simply, is people telling you what they truly want.

Or to put it a different way;

“People telling you what they will spend money on”

Cool huh!

I’d skip most of it and head over to here:

the best bits

This is where you’ll find the most popular niches.

Fair warning

LOTS of people write goals of things they should do, or think their parents would want them to do, or they are needs rather than wants.

So look at this with a psychological eye.

For example, this page here

Lists the goals that have been completed.

WE can assume that these are more tangible and short term goals that require little help to achieve an are thus (for the most part) not good niches.

They are however instructive of overall trends.

I love it and 1 thing I’d REALLY like to see as a marketer is the correlations between goals

So if someone has lose weight on their goals what are the other things they have on there as well?

For instance if lots of people also had a goal to find love (obvious) that would tell me to go bid on those terms and also to offer those products to existing customers.

Or if people with lose weight also had a goal to write a book, we could test the theory that they were more sedentary and thus look at other keywords that suggest sedentary lifestyles.

Make Sense?

Anyway this is an awesome resource for marketers everywhere who want to understand their customers more and get valuable insights into what people truly want.

Sign up and check it out