A Business Idea For You


I’m going to Copenhagen next week to visit

We’re going to 2 of the best restaurants in
the world so I’m uber excited!

As usual before I go to a new country I’ve been
learning some useful phrases.

I find you get a much better experience when
you can say a few key phrases.


Last week I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s VERY kool

Anyway I figured I’d get an app to help me whilst
I’m there so I went to the Google Play Store and
searched for:

dutch phrases with phonetics

Guess how many results…. ZERO

So then I got to thinking, hmm wonder how many
people go to Dutch speaking countries and would
like an app to help them say a few key phrases…

10’s of thousands per month!

OK so now there is an opportunity.

Lots of searchers and no solution.

So that’s the opportunity, next how to make money
from it.

Simply put, either charge a nominal fee like 99p


Show ads on the app when people use it.

I prefer No 2

The app should cost you a max of £250 to get made

Given the number of people who go to Dutch speaking
countries that a shed load of potential downloads.

Of course that’s just the Dutch Language…..

If anyone wants to do that app I will personally help
you sell it on the app store.

Goed tot ziens en bedankt voor het lezen van mijn materiaal :o)