Business Wisdom

Business Wisdom:


  • Gotta own the stores/real estate/I.P./etc
  • Delegate everything so you can focus on growing the business, give responsibility, goals and a budget and then let people get on with it
  • You can get a market advantage by being the biggest that will make up for many other things
  • When you’re doing deals stay until the job is done
  • Perception is reality, act as though you are and it will create the fact
  • Business is showmanship entertain people and they will thank you for it
  • To get rid of politics anytime you here that someone is unhappy with someone else, then get them both together and sort it out
  • Behave like you want others to behave
  • Be sure to write in the franchise contract that we can sell the business and if we do sell then we reserve the right to change the franchise agreement
  • Tell people the bad news as well as the good,
  • Get other people of influence to invest in the biz to create credibility
  • Customer service is everything
  • Get the opinions of others but ultimately you make the decision
  • Control the money
  • Share a hope, share a dream but never share a doubt.
  • Make BIG promises then figure out how to fulfil them, put yourself under pressure to perform.
  • Test small then role out big.
  • With a new product you have to give away the product as a sample to get people to try it, people have a natural aversion to trying new things so give it to them for free to build trust and a market base.
  • When hiring people don’t hire for the job as it is, hire for the job you plan it to become (so if you’re at £5 million and your goal is to build a £10 million company hire the person you’ll need when you have a £10 million company.)

They’ve cost me a lot of money to learn and I read them everyday so as to remember them!


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