the cat that only ate KFC

Mike got up, and looked at his cats.

It was always a struggle… getting them to eat.

He’d been experimenting for years trying to find the right food for them.

He’d tried sawdust, peanut butter, marshmallows and even mince pies.

But it never quite worked out.

Some days, they’d kind of ‘poke’ their noses at the dinner Mike had prepared…before turning away to watch ‘Masterchef’ on the couch.

Other times, they’d simply reject the food altogether.

Then, one day – 4 days before Christmas …a miracle occurred.

Mike bumped into Father Christmas in the Geelong branch of Coles

He was by the butcher’s counter, next to the salmon and barra.

“Here we go Mike – try these…”

Santa gave Mike some Chicken nuggets.

Mike had never thought about using these before.

He got home that night, eager to try them out.

And for the first time ever, the cats nearly bit his hand off!

They loved the nuggets and wouldn’t leave Mike alone.

Soon, Mike retreated to his office and watched reruns of masterchef, realising he’d been using the wrong bait for YEARS.

All those failed experiments!

If he’d only used the RIGHT BAIT!

What’s my point…with respect to the above story?


Until you have the right ‘bait’, you won’t attract the customers you want…or any customers at all.

If you are selling…anything…do you REALLY know what people want, in that particular market?

If you’re selling a ‘stop snoring’ product…do you REALLY know what people want in that market?

If not – how do you know if you have the right bait?

You can go nuts for years trying to sell certain products to certain markets…

But if you don’t really know what the people ‘in’ that market want…you’re making things hard for yourself.

Reminds me of an anonymous friend of mine…who picked me up in an expensive

“Now we’ll finally get some action!”, he said.

If you get the right bait, you’ll find it much easier to sell products, services or anything else.

How to find the right bait?

When you join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs i’ll show you exactly how to sell oodles of your products the profitable way

No messing about!

This email is my bait for you… will you take it?

Here’s the link —>

The right bait is important…

Why do you think children leave a mince pie at the bottom of a chimney?

It’s great ‘bait’ to ensure Santa visits!

See you soon


Written Whilst Hungover

Systems in your business mean that you can do other stuff whilst your systems make cashola for you

Case in point

My long suffering business partner in the UK Matt Duggan did a free webinar for the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs on Monday night

Matt spends about $120K a month on Facebook ads for our clients

He’s gotten good… VERY good at making sales online through Facebook as you can imagine

In fact, last year we did $25 Million in ecommerce sales for our clients, mostly thanks to Facebook


He did a free webinar on Monday to show the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to sell their stuff on Amazon using Facebook

It was a brilliant webinar


Matt Screwed up the times

He’s in London

We’re in Oz

The webinar was set for 8pm (Sydney time) and Matt started at 9pm


I’d just arrived in Portugal and was nursing a hangover from my first night out in Lisbon with my wife Natasha

(We were at a cool little wine bar that served the tastiest port ever!)

So I was as much used as a chocolate fireguard for the webinar

Indeed I was asleep at 10am here in Lisbon thanks to a combination of jet lag and Port

Thankfully one of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs took charge and sorted things out

The webinar got done

Matt recorded it

and as a bonus for screwing cup the time zones Matt has offered to provide one on one help to anyone that wants it for their Facebook campaign

So everyone is happy 😀

That’s what I love about the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

We’re a community

We have great people right across Australia kicking ass on Amazon

All pulling together to help one another

So even if Matt screws up the time zone, and

I’m hungover from my first night out in Lisbon

The cashola creation still rolls on!

That’s the power of being part of a community of like minded people

Want to take start your own online business and get help from people just like you that are making oodles of cash online?

Then come join us!

You’ll get all the training and support you need to make it happen

Check us out here

Neil (drunk in Lisbon) Asher

How stoopid people make more cashola than you

When I was at school we had to do art classes

I’m no artist so I kinda hated it

We usually dislike things we’re no good at


My mate (Billy Pinder) was a terrible artist too

He was thick as 2 short planks but great fun to hang out with

His parents told him if he got an B or better in all his final exams they’d get him the car he wanted

A mini 1275 GT

Knowing that he sucked at art Billy hatched a plan to get his B

He had a friend set up his art as paint by numbers

1 = Red

2 = Blue

3 = Yellow

etc etc

All he had to do was paint the right colour in the right place

It made art easy for him and he actually ended up being pretty good at drawing

He got his B and his folks got him his mini

Billy may have been stoopid but he sure was smart!

Anyone can follow a step by step plan

That’s why I’ve made the training in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs “business building by numbers” simple!

Step 1, step 2, step 3 etc etc

Follow the steps and out the other side pops an ecommerce business

Wanna see the steps?

Then get yourself into the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

It’s business by numbers that anyone can do regardless of your experience or lack of it

See you in there

Neil Asher

This One Thing = 430% More Success

1This One Thing = 430% More Success

We have 246 people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Folks from all around Australia

Phil in Perth

Karen in Sydney

Miriam in Townsville

Ian in Brisbane

Athena in Melbourne

Max in Tasmania

Kevin in Adelaide

with ages ranging from Sam who’s 36

To Rodger who’s 84

We have ex tradies

Stay at home mums

A few lawyers (I have to let them in otherwise they get the shits with me)

School teachers

Factory workers

Window cleaners

All walks of life are represented as are all races, lifestyles and religions

We’re a pretty diverse cross section of Australia


Right now the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs are 430% MORE likely to succeed online


Coaching + Support

Easy as that

If you have someone actively coaching and supporting you then you are 430% MORE likely to succeed

Pretty cool huh

Just by having someone barracking for you, helping you and answering questions for you, which, by the way, is EXACTLY what you need when you’re starting a new business!


Can I interest you in joining 246 other Aussies just like you in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs?

You’ll be 430% MORE likely to succeed if you do 🙂

And if you want to set yourself yourself free that makes sense right?

Neil Asher

A Virgin sacrifice + a marketing lesson

_61046952_benp_bbc_summer_solstice0042Copying things can make you very wealthy

case in point

A bloke in Esperance in WA has built a fully functioning replica of stonehenge

Stonehenge (if you’re a cultural baboon) is in the UK and is where druids used to sacrifice virgins to ensure crops would grow, amongst other paganesque type stuff

Now we sacrifice politicians, that doesn’t work either 😉


Stonehenge gets half a million visitors a year and rakes in mucho cashola

This blokes replica is getting 30,000 visitors a year!

He’s starting offering souvenirs

(one hopes he’s not offering virgins but who knows!)

So now he’s making cash

Smart guy

It’s mostly Aussie’s going to see the copy henge, so that suggests that you could build replica’s all over the world

Stonehenge Italy to cater to Italians
Stonehenge China

etc etc

and herein lies the lesson

One of the simplest ways to make cashola online is to simply copy something that’s working in one country into another

It works like gangbusters!

I’m currently copying 3 successful business ideas from America into India

Great Success!

Want to learn how to do that properly?

Then come join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Here’s the link to get in on the action

Neil (no virgins were sacrificed in the writing of this email) Asher

A Corporate Slave Breaks Free

97690% of all the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs now making cashola thanks to Amazon are ex wage slaves

Are you ready to take back control of your life?

I got this email over the weekend from Derrick


Thanks Neil

I’ve been a corporate slave for the last 15 years, never want to nor have the personality for becoming an executive. Tired of selling my time for cash. Really keen to get an e-commerce business started. You’re materials are invaluable in providing a head start.

Have a good weekend



I used to have a J.O.B

There is no shame in that

Having a JOB that you;

– dislike
– working for a boss that doesn’t value you
– knowing there is more to life

and still doing nothing

Well that’s flat out madness

I get it though making the leap can feel difficult, scary even

That’s why joining a great community of people just like you is the secret sauce to setting yourself free

We’re a great group of people

From HUGELY diverse backgrounds

~ From poms in Bondi to kiwi’s in the sunny coast

~ Ex secretaries to managing directors

~ Married to divorced

~ A Menagerie of kids to kidless

~ 35 to 84

As long as you’re sick of what you’re doing and you know there’s more to life

You’ll Fit Right In!

Come check us out here

Neil Asher

Are You Ready to Swallow a Pill Full of Poop?

this-vibrating-engine-powered-pill-wants-to-make-you-poopRight now one of the fastest growing areas of alternative medicine is a little thing called a

fecal microbiota transplant

Just as it sounds, the idea is that the poop of a healthy person is swallowed by someone with a bad gut and the good bacteria in the poop colonizes the new gut, and lo and behold they’re cured!

Now I make light of it but the science is solid and the results have been dramatic!

Naturally the poop is cleaned and only the bacteria is left, so you don’t literally have to swallow someones poop, unless you’re into that sort of thing

That idea though of taking in someone else’s good bacteria to improve your own is a concept that I like

I’ve often thought that swallowing a pill or just downloading the mindset of a millionaire ecommerce entrepreneur would be very cool

That’s why I have a special section for my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs all about mindset

There’s no pill of poop to take, just hyper stimulating videos that download the entrepreneurial mindset into your own brain

Watch them and be forever changed

? Usually procrastinate?

! Wake Up Productive!

? Unsure where to start?

! Be Certain In Your Choices!

Here’s what Belinda Hall from Orange in NSW has to say

“The support is simply fantastic, I could not be happier with my decision to join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs”

Belinda is launching a skin care range 🙂

Why not launch your own online business?

It sure as hell beats swallowing poop at a J.O.B all day!

Neil Asher

The only time women beat men

Out in the “Real World” men earn 20% more than women simply because we have an outy and women have an inny

Which seems very weird to me

I’ve always thought that ladies inny’s were much more valuable than our outys

but them’s the facts

This grossly unfair advantage that men have is apparently prevalent throughout all careers in Oz

that is

in all places except my group of rag tag Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Yes indeedy, in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs the ladies are kicking our asses!

Take Sue Josephson for instance,

She’s up in Caloundra in QLD

She sells so much stuff she’s just got herself a brand new BMW

She says she’s delighted to be in my group

Or what about Debbie Summerhayes, in Ipswich QLD

She’s selling horsey related stuff to all the Horse crazy folks here in oz

Or what about Karen Thomson from Lane Cove in NSW

Her range of organic skin care products is a HUGE hit

I could go on but you get the idea

Out there in the “real world” ladies are at a distinct disadvantage, they’re treated differently and paid less for the same work


Online, no one gives a rats-ass if you have an inny or an outy, and because of that the ladies are crushing it!


Wanna join the 125 ladies and 131 men in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs?

You can find out more and join us here

Inny or outy;

black, brown, yellow or white;

old or young,

gay, straight or in-between,

The internet doesn’t care

It’s the great democratiser, everyone gets a fair go

That’s why I love it so much

Come check us out for yourself

Neil Asher

A Business Idea For You


I’m going to Copenhagen next week to visit

We’re going to 2 of the best restaurants in
the world so I’m uber excited!

As usual before I go to a new country I’ve been
learning some useful phrases.

I find you get a much better experience when
you can say a few key phrases.


Last week I got a new phone, a Samsung Galaxy S3

It’s VERY kool

Anyway I figured I’d get an app to help me whilst
I’m there so I went to the Google Play Store and
searched for:

dutch phrases with phonetics

Guess how many results…. ZERO

So then I got to thinking, hmm wonder how many
people go to Dutch speaking countries and would
like an app to help them say a few key phrases…

10’s of thousands per month!

OK so now there is an opportunity.

Lots of searchers and no solution.

So that’s the opportunity, next how to make money
from it.

Simply put, either charge a nominal fee like 99p


Show ads on the app when people use it.

I prefer No 2

The app should cost you a max of £250 to get made

Given the number of people who go to Dutch speaking
countries that a shed load of potential downloads.

Of course that’s just the Dutch Language…..

If anyone wants to do that app I will personally help
you sell it on the app store.

Goed tot ziens en bedankt voor het lezen van mijn materiaal :o)


Exactly what I do and who I use to do it

I wanted to show you exactly what I’m doing for
my new sites so you can apply this yourself.

First the sites are built on word press, simply put
you’d have to be crazy to choose any other platform.

WordPress is very customizable and has a ton of
great plug ins to make it do what you want.

so use wordpress 🙂

second as I mentioned already the shopping cart we
use is


Because it does WAAAAY more than we need it to and
it’s cheap and does what it says on the tin, simply.


Here’s a list of the wordpress plug ins we will be using:

WordPress SEO – Very cool and fairly new, we moved
from the All In One SEO Pack to this plugin and have
been impressed by its flexibility and RSS support
along with its simple setup. It also handles Google XML
Sitemap duties, which means we don’t need that particular
plugin anymore.

Sexy Bookmarks – Adds an attractive social bookmarking
menu to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of
the three. Important to Google for showing that you’re after
social interaction with your site, we’ve seen a boost from just
having these buttons on-page.

WP OnlyWire Autoposter – Syndicates your blog posts/articles
to over 20 social networking sites simultaneously using’s infrastructure when you publish a post.
Increases your site’s traffic AND generates fantastic
backlinks, what could be better?

SEOPressor – An absolute MUST, it’s our best timesaver
and most accurate on-page optimization tool
towards ranking. And I don’t want to hear any
whining about what it costs, scrape some pennies
out of the couch cushions and make it happen

OK so now here’s something you may not realize

I have no idea how to build a website :o)

Instead I stick to what I’m good at and get the best
affordable talent to do it all for me, whilst I concentrate
on marketing.

So as a special treat let me share with you my top 2

1. Ed Hadome. Ed does ALL my work on ALL my businesses
I have tried a ton of people and he’s the only one I trust.

He gets marketing and gets how to make money.

you can check him out here:

Ed builds all my sites, I have tried other people
but invariably they end up pissing me off because
they have no idea how to sell, Ed knows how to sell.

2. I use e-lance for LOTS of my stuff I have a core team
of designers, copy writers and, product creators etc

If you need a referral for anything let me know 🙂

So there you go, my secret weapons in making money 🙂

1 request…. I use Ed A LOT, he’s a good guy and has LOTS
of time for people, so don’t take the p*ss. If you get in touch
have an idea and be ready to take action.

Fair enough?

Otherwise he’ll have no time to do all the stuff I get him doing!


P.S I have had a ton of e-mails asking me if I’m going to start
teaching people how to make money online again.

The answer is no.

I love writing these e-mails and to be honest I make LOTS
more money actually applying this myself than I would teaching it

As my dad says “those that can do, those that can’t teach” 😉

but as I said I’m happy to tell you exactly what I do in my own
businesses, what works and what doesn’t. It’s up to you to apply it.