naughty or nice?

My daughters posted their letters to Santa today

Isabella wants a camera and Charlotte wants “dollies”

In their letters they both wrote that they had been nice all year and so deserved nice presents

If you look back at your childhood… yeah I know it was a long time ago 😉

You’ll find, like me, that Santa was a great motivator to get stuff done

Eat your peas and carrots

Be nice to your siblings

Behave yourself

Tidy your room up

All that decidedly unfun stuff that adults made us do

Santa was the ultimate life coach!

Then as time went on we stop believing in Santa and we’re left to our own devices to motivate our behaviour

You have to become your own life coach

That’s a good thing right?

Well maybe.. maybe not

If you’re disciplined not to spend hours on Facebook instead of getting stuff done then bully for you

For most of us though we need Santa!

That’s where your membership of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs comes in

You’ll be a part of the fastest growing ecommerce community in Australia

You’ll have 246 other like minded folks all looking out for you and your business

Need help with a supplier?

no worries

Need to know how to save money in China?

We got you covered

Not sure how to make sales fast?

We can help!

It’s the best god damn group of Aussies this side of the North Pole!

Santa’s got nothing on the presents we can help you get!

Sue got herself a brand new BMW thanks to her ecommerce business

That’s one heck of a present !!

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Is making cashola online better than sex?

One of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Jeff Dulla asked me what “the laptop lifestyle” actually means.

His take was that:

“The laptop lifestyle …. which I later found out is not sitting on a tropical beach with an Apple Mac but rather spending a few hours a day glued to a monitor to learn the equivalent of a university degree in a few months!”

Jeff is a model ecommerce entrepreneur

He knows that to become a Rock Star online, you have to learn your scales first

Unlike most of the BS that the majority of sugar plum goo roos will tell you, making cashola online is hard work

You have to study and learn how to do it properly

It takes most folks a month or so to figure this out


Then you’re freeeeeeee!!!!

It’s a lot like sex

Your first time you suck

Fumbling and unsure what to do

Conscious of your body and if you’re like me, conscious of the ears of corn getting up your bum

(my first time was in a corn field with a girl called linda 🙂


Once you get the hang of it

It’s the most fun you can have with your clothes off!

Wanna pop your ecommerce cherry?

Then come and join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs!

Neil Asher

“I’m suing you”

Do you have kids?

I do, 2 beautiful girls

Charlotte – 5

Isabella – 9

Cool kids.. I’m biased of course 😀

I love hanging out with them and ruffling them up

What about when they get older though, kids stop wanting to hang out with their parents and want to hang out with their friends instead


Well in Shanghai disgruntled parents can now sue their kids if they don’t visit enough

At a press conference last week, authorities said that kids who no longer live with their parents must “visit or send greetings often,” or else face some pretty severe consequences.

Freaky huh!

Want a better way to stay in touch with your kids?

Teach them how to sell stuff online

Most kids now a days are going to do it tough getting a job

Robots taking most white collar jobs

My plan is to employ my girls in my business to give them their first real world experience and some much needed references for their CV

That’s the hardest part isn’t it, getting your first job

After that it’s easy

Plus I can teach them a skill that will never go out of fashion

Entrepreneurship will be alive and well in the robot apocalypse :d


LOTS of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs build their businesses with their kids

It works well

Keeps the family together

Everyone learning new skills

Makes sense right?

Wanna learn as a family?

Then head on over to

Get yourself joined up then email me and I’ll give the family access too 🙂

Neil Asher

eCommerce lessons from horny rabbits

cpbm7kowgaeq_tmI’m going to show you why in a J.O.B or traditional business you can’t get ahead

A farmer has a field 1 acre square

In that field live 1000 horny rabbits

Rabbits love to get wild with each other so they continually replenish themselves

Rabbits are also pretty dumb and are fair prey for foxes

1000 rabbits can support food for approx 50 foxes

If one fox decides to get his jig on and start killing more foxes, the economics of the field change

That fox has now upset the balance of the filed

By taking more of his “fair share”

The rabbit population will crash and other foxes won’t have enough to eat and will die

All because of some greedy old fox

Sound familiar?

That’s like having a traditional business, or a job

You can only make so much cashola in a JOB or business because of the limitations of your environment


Only so many customers in your area or positions in your company

LOTS of hungry foxes though!

It’s not like that online


When you start an online business your field of bonking bunnies is HUGE!

You have the whole world to sell too

That’s why it’s so much easier to make cashola online

It’s simple economics

If you want to join hundreds of other bonking Aussie Online Entrepreneurs as they start their own online businesses take a look here

If you’re happy running from the foxes in a small field, do nothing

Neil Asher

An eCommerce consultant gets paid more thanks to me

australian-e-commerce-statisticsOne of the things I encourage my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs to do is to take the strategies that I teach them and make additional income as ecommerce consultants

Hundreds of thousands of businesses want to start selling their stuff online

Yet they lack the skills to do that

That my cashola hungry compadre is an opportunity

A starving market with no sandwiches to eat


One of my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Simon Strachan sent me this email


well, I gotta hand it to you.

I’m very aware of the work that goes into creating the training that you have.

I’m also very aware of the experience, both positive and negative and the toe-curling frustration that has to exist to learn what you need to learn . . so you can create the training that you have.

Although I’ve been quiet in the shadows, I’ve been going through the modules, learning, researching and doing.

My initial goal was to undertake the training, so I could assist clients in their goals. Now I can definitely see my way forward to assist them in their goals, as well as set a few new ones of my own. 🙂

And the thought / realisation of India is certainly ringing my bell. A big, fat golden Ganesh styled, chai soaked bong.g.g sounding bell.

So congrats on the training, and thank you.


Simon gets it

Multiple income streams are the way to go

Learn how to sell your own stuff and help other people sell heir stuff too

That’s business 101

Fancy a new career as a highly paid in demand ecommerce consultant?

Then learn how to sell online

I’m your man for that

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Keeping up with the Patels

forbes-list-of-100-richest-indians-2014During the 17th century, China had a monopoly on tea.

But the poms wanted ‘in’, so the East India Company hired a smuggler.

He was Robert Fortune, an adventurer and Scottish botanist, who disguised himself as a Chinese merchant and stole tea plants, seedlings, and other botanical discoveries and took them to India.

During the next few decades, India’s tea production surpassed China’s.

That business strategy

“import products into a country”

Is a tried and tested way to wealth that’s worked for hundreds of years

Buying products here in Australia and then selling them in India is making cashola online

Word to the wise

Indians LOVE Aussie stuff

from UGG boots to tea tree oil they can’t get enough of us!


2 reasons

1. They don’t trust their own stuff,

Most of it’s cheap fake crap

When they want something quality they look overseas

Australia has a brilliant reputation in India for quality goods

2. Keeping up with the Patel’s

India has more millionaires than there are people in NSW

Their middle class is the fastest growing in the world!

They’re cashed up and looking for ways to flaunt their success

Nothing say’s “you’ve made it” more than buying foreign products

So they lust after Aussie made goods and then flaunt them to their friends

But what other Aussie products are lusted after overseas?

If you join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur today you’ll be just in time for our weekly Q&A tonight at 8pm (Sydney time)

I’m currently showing my cashola hungry compadres how to sell their stuff in India

Tonight is the “what to sell” session

You’ll learn exactly what to sell and how to sell it

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How this psychopath seduced his hot blonde therapist

4804f95181c7410b0955f5ea3a55ce49fb03162f96ed7d856f41c6fd50952c51I watched “The Suicide Squad” last night, I went with Matt my brother in law.

The part of the movie that stood out the most to me was how the Joker and Dr. Harley Quinn (played by the rather attractive Margot Robbie 🙂 hooked up.

Now this guy is a total psychopath with no conscience mind or sympathy,
who was locked up in Arkham Asylum for brutally killing men and women…

…torching them, blowing them up and tossing them out of 15 story buildings while laughing until their bones and guts paint the highway.

So when they finally caught him, thanks to Batman’s help.

They tossed him into Asylum where all the other crazies went in Gotham City.

In the Asylum, he had daily therapy sessions with a hot blonde psychiatrist named Dr. Harley Quinn

So as time went by their sessions start to get more intense with each other.

I mean, she would start to fantasize about getting it on with the joker

The roles were switched immediately!

She became his patient and he became her psychiatrist.

Harley Quinn could no longer fight her curiosity.

It finally got the best of her to where she couldn’t even resist him anymore, so in the movie they get crazy with each other

From that moment on, she was deeply in love with the Joker.

Even though she knew he was a killer, psychopath and whatever else you want to call him.

He actually could of kill her at the moment.

He made her fall so deeply in love with him, that she helped him escape the Asylum.

If that’s not the definition of making the sale, I don’t know what is.

Selling online is a lot like that…

Amazon has developed a relationship with you

Now I know Jeff is not as nice to look at as Margot or quite as insane as the joker

But over time you’ve come to trust Amazon with your money

If you’ve never shopped on Amazon you’d be happy to because you trust it’s safe

That’s why staring an online business on Amazon is such a smart move

They’ve built a strong relationship with hundreds of millions of people!

All ready to fall in love with you and your product

And the best part is, you don’t have to become a psychopath or a serial killer.

You can do this by just being yourself.

Let me show you how to start today


Being good is not good enough

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, being unique is a big deal.

You want to be more desirable to your prospects than anyone else who’s offering what you’re offering. You want to stand out.But you may have noticed it’s harder than it sounds. Unless you’re in a magical new market, there are already lots of people doing what you do.

You can try to:

  • Beat them on quality…but there’s always someone firmly cemented in the top spot, and fighting an opponent with the high ground ain’t often a sustainable business model
  • Be cheaper than the competition…but slimming down profit margins and attracting tire-kickers isn’t really the way to wealth and success either.
  • Offer some feature no one else is offering…which is nigh impossible in most markets, where everything buyers want is already being provided

This all makes standing out rather hard. So what in the blue blazes do you do?

You Can’t Follow the Standard Advice, That’s for Sure

Business old schoolers (and plenty of GURU’s) tell you you’re supposed to develop a Unique Selling Proposition, or USP. They tell you to pick a benefit that’s different from what the competition is offering and dominate it. They tell you to advertise the hell out of it, to the point where you own that segment of the customer’s mind.

Sounds great, but there’s only one problem:

It doesn’t work anymore.

The idea for the USP was invented in the 1940s to explain the success of advertising campaigns. Back then, there were substantially fewer advertisers than there are now, and it was much easier to find a unique benefit.

Not anymore. Now, the world is saturated with advertising, and simply being unique isn’t enough. If you want to succeed, you need to go one better and develop something that will make you stand out as more desirable than any USP ever could:

The Next Generation of the Unique Selling Proposition

Original Mad Man David Ogilvy called it a “big idea.” He applied it specifically to advertising—but it works for all kinds of marketing platforms, especially websites. He said:

You will never win fame and fortune unless you also invent big ideas. It takes a big idea to attract the attention of consumers and get them to buy your product. Unless your advertising contains a big idea, it will pass like a ship in the night.

Riiiiight…but what IS it?

“Big idea” sounds kind of vague to me, and also a bit grandiose. So I call it a concept—because that’s exactly what it is: a central theme or idea which binds all of your marketing together. It forms a kind of foundation for your marketing identity…and makes you desirable to your prospects in a way that nothing else can.

But you can’t just use any old theme or idea. You need some very specific elements. Four, actually…

1. Uniqueness

It may not be sufficient, but it is necessary.. That’s good news if you’ve been reading this thinking, “But Neil, I already have a USP that works well for me! Are you saying it’s no good?!”

No sir ee bob, I sure ain’t. It’s perfect. But you can turn it into something even better, that’ll pull in prospects even harder. Most unique selling propositions are just “big ideas” waiting to be set free.

If you don’t have a USP, well don’t worry. You can create a concept without one. I did. In a way, it’ll become your USP—but not as you’d traditionally think of one.

2. Stories

This is the one thing most unique selling propositions are missing. Add it into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a stellar motif.

And if you haven’t got a USP to work off, don’t worry. Stories are everywhere. You can turn even the most boring things into gripping stories with a little bit of application. You probably have a dozen great stories up your sleeve right now, just waiting to be told, and don’t even know it.

Let me give you an example.

Have you heard of our new digital marketing agency client progressive property? No? Go ahead and check out their website.

One of their core values is “quality built to last.” Not exactly a unique claim, eh? How many companies say something similar? It’s decidedly non-unique-selling-propositionish.

But look how they turn this generic value into a concept. Check out their headline:

“Building & Managing a completely Hands-Free Property Portfolio That You Can Retire on, Enjoying Financial Independence for the Long Term”

Quality? Check. “hands free property investing.” People don’t invest in rubbish.

Built to last? Check. It’ll create an income you can retire on…that’s longevity!

Concept? Check! How can you resist a done for you property building portfolio that you can retire on?

This is a great concept. Notice how it puts a unique angle on an otherwise ordinary claim, while at the same time implying a story that engages your imagination.

What makes stories so mighty? Well, they play into some very powerful psychological triggers:

  • They tie your product to more than the sum of its features or benefits. When you link your product to a story, you’re linking it with something bigger than itself. Something which appeals to a deep part of us.
  • They can engage your reader by getting him to empathise with characters, rather than simply evaluating features and benefits.
  • By having him visualise things, you bypass the rational processing parts his brain—and go straight to deeper, less critical centers.
  • Good stories are inherently viral! Have you noticed how when you come across a story that appeals to you, the first thing you want to do is share it with someone else?

3. Simplicity

Another thing you’ll notice about progressive properties concept is that it’s all said in a single sentence. This is another thing that sets motifs apart from other kinds of ideas. They must be simple. The best motifs make natural headlines, because they can be stated or summarized in a sentence or two.

Now, you gotta be careful here. If you read any good marketing authorities (Drayton Bird or Gary Halbert, for example), you’ll know that headlines should emphasize real benefits. They should pass the “so what” test, or the “forehead-slap” test. And if you’re working out a headline that isn’t going to be used in conjunction with a picture, that’s good advice.

But remember, a motif must contain a story.

It doesn’t have to contain a benefit (although it’s a good idea). David Ogilvy created some outstandingly successful campaigns with headlines like “The man in the Hathaway shirt” and “The man from Schweppes is here.”

Not strong headlines by themselves—but he coupled them with intriguing pictures that made reading the ad copy irresistible. A similar approach could work brilliantly on your website.

Whichever way you go, the point to remember is that a motif is simple. It should capture just one idea, and evoke one primary emotion in your prospect.

4. Surprise

The interesting thing about uniqueness is how uninteresting it is.

Everything is unique in some way—and the mere fact that your motif is also unique does nothing to ensure its success. It must go beyond uniqueness and surprise your prospect. When he first comes across it, he should pause for just a moment—and then experience a tiny thrill.

Now, be careful. There’s a huge, inept industry in advertising built around being shocking or funny—as if entertaining people will provoke them to buy things.

It does the opposite. Cleverness for the sake of cleverness is nothing but creative masturbation. It’s quickly appreciated, and quickly forgotten. There’s no lasting appeal in being cutesy or comical.

The surprise of a great concept is not that kind of surprise. Rather, it comes from an unexpected combination of ideas. For Progressive Property, it’s in taking a common guarantee and extrapolating it into a provocative picture. Finding a way to juxtapose two ideas is the first step in coming up with a mighty motif.

Which brings me to my final point.

How To Invent and Use a Concept

Developing a concept for your marketing, and putting it into use, is a topic unto itself. I’d do you an injustice to try to cover it here—so in a future post, I’ll cover it in depth, with practical examples. Look out for it in a week or two!


Making Money Math For Dummies

I am fortunate to currently be one of the top affiliates in the world online, but it wasn’t always this way… for years I struggled and lost a fortune.


Then 1 day whilst reading a book on venture capital ( this one if you’re interested – ) I saw something that changed everything.

Allow me to demonstrate with a simple guide.

Lets suppose I’m selling a bucket and spade.

The bucket and spade costs – £100

The gross profit margin is 50% so for every bucket and spade I sell I make £50 gross profit

Simple so far.

OK so now how much money can I spend to sell my bucket and spade?

If you answered £49.99 go to the head of the class!

nb if you are selling things on the back end and you know your numbers often times you can do things MUCH differently. simply substitute life time value for bucket and spade.

OK now lets go to our marketing startegy.

Lets suppose we have 3 different strategies:

1. Google Adwords

2. Facebook PPC

3. LinkedIn

(3 is a terrible number, better to have 10 but 3 is simple to follow right now)

Now remember that I can spend up to £49.99 to acquire a customer and still make a profit.

So, just to emphasise, my aim now is to acquire as many customers as possible within my target range <£49.99

On Google I can acquire customers using keywords, suppose I have 100 keywords I bid on;

– buy bucket and spades

– bucket and spade reviews

– things to take to the beach

Now each of those keywords has a different type of person doing the searching.

– buy bucket and spades (this person is ready to buy right now)

– bucket and spade reviews (this person is doing research)

– things to take to the beach (this person is looking for ideas)

So it makes sense that each keyword will convert differently, someone who wants to buy a bucket and spade is going to be much easier to sell a bucket and spade too than someone looking for ideas.

Making sense so far?

So each of those keywords will have a different customer acquisition cost associated to it.

– buy bucket and spades – costs me £5 to make a sale (the number of clicks I get on my advert x the cost per click x the conversion rate)

– bucket and spade reviews – costs me £25 to make a sale

– things to take to the beach – costs me £49 to make a sale

Based on how many people search for my keyword, then click on my ad then buy the product. So the cumulative total marketing spend (customer acquisition cost) increases or decreases based on the search intent of the keyword.

Read that again.

The cumulative total marketing spend (customer acquisition cost) increases or decreases based on the search intent of the keyword.

Now that’s Google, but, facebook and linkedIn are also the same, each ad network (google, bing, facebook, linkedIn etc) has a different customer acquisiation cost profile to it.

So Facebook’s range may be as cheap as £10 up to £50 for me to buy a customer.

So is it smart for me to focus on what it costs me to get someone to click on my ad?


It’s smart for me to know my numbers, establish how much I can spend up to to buy a customer then do everything I can to buy as many customers as I can.

Some customers are cheap, some are expensive (relativly) BUT as long as they make money I don’t care.

Some keywords are cheap some are expensive. It’s all irrelevant. What matters is does it make a profit.

This little insight has helped me become one of the highest earning affiliates in the world, it’s helped me launch numerous businesses and is now helping my clients who engage me to do their digital marketing for them.

Try it in your business, you’ll be streaks ahead of your competition when you do.


Kick Ass FB Strategy to get more “stuff”

Get More Stuff!

Kick Ass FB Strategy to get more “stuff”

This may get a little techy, forgive me if it does, it’s worth reading as what I’m going to show you is gold.

If you’ve followed my stuff for a while you’ll have heard me talk about re-marketing.

Essentially it’s when someone goes to your website they get a cookie placed on their site and through this cookie you can show them your ads on the content network at a lower cost because they have already been to your site.

Hence re marketing, as in, you are re marketing to your visitors.

I know I’ve glossed over that but in the interest of brevity (it’s Tuesday! cut me some slack!) that will have to do for now,

anyway does it make sense?


So let’s think of this another way.

Now you have a group of people who have visited your website that you can show your ads too.

This is, essentially, a list.

and that’s how I want you to think of remarketing, as;

The ability to turn every visitor to your site into a opt in, with 100% success!

Excited yet?



Facebook fan pages.


Drive traffic to a fan page and get them to click “like”

This then means you can e-mail them AND remarket to them through facebook


Much more importantly market to THEIR friends through facebook.

Again I don’t have time to go into that right now but think of this People who are referred to you are 3 times as likely to buy.

facebook lets you target the friends of people who like your page


A Referral, If I’ve explained that properly and you’re a marketer you’ll be panting at this point.

Neil Asher - You SUCK!

If not…..I suck.


Here’s what I’ve been doing.

Once I have the cookie placed through retargeting, I do 2 things:

1. Market my stuff in a different way, different hot buttons, offers etc

2. Market other stuff to them.

Simple right? Especially when you think of these things as lists


I’ve started marketing my facebook fanpages use remarketing and

vice versa

massive win!

This is an awesome strategy because you get:

– VERY powerful leverage (the ROI is through the roof)

– Social proof that your stuff rocks

– to build a list on a different platform

– to market to their friends once they hit like

and much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Try it :o)

It works like billy ho


P.S Last night I finalized another deal for Kidz 5 A Day, we’re now selling kidz 5 A day in 10 Countries! With a very nice lady interested in making kidz 5 a day into organic snack bars that can be put into kidz (big and small) lunch boxes :o)