Written Whilst Hungover

Systems in your business mean that you can do other stuff whilst your systems make cashola for you

Case in point

My long suffering business partner in the UK Matt Duggan did a free webinar for the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs on Monday night

Matt spends about $120K a month on Facebook ads for our clients

He’s gotten good… VERY good at making sales online through Facebook as you can imagine

In fact, last year we did $25 Million in ecommerce sales for our clients, mostly thanks to Facebook


He did a free webinar on Monday to show the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs how to sell their stuff on Amazon using Facebook

It was a brilliant webinar


Matt Screwed up the times

He’s in London

We’re in Oz

The webinar was set for 8pm (Sydney time) and Matt started at 9pm


I’d just arrived in Portugal and was nursing a hangover from my first night out in Lisbon with my wife Natasha

(We were at a cool little wine bar that served the tastiest port ever!)

So I was as much used as a chocolate fireguard for the webinar

Indeed I was asleep at 10am here in Lisbon thanks to a combination of jet lag and Port

Thankfully one of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs took charge and sorted things out

The webinar got done

Matt recorded it

and as a bonus for screwing cup the time zones Matt has offered to provide one on one help to anyone that wants it for their Facebook campaign

So everyone is happy 😀

That’s what I love about the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

We’re a community

We have great people right across Australia kicking ass on Amazon

All pulling together to help one another

So even if Matt screws up the time zone, and

I’m hungover from my first night out in Lisbon

The cashola creation still rolls on!

That’s the power of being part of a community of like minded people

Want to take start your own online business and get help from people just like you that are making oodles of cash online?

Then come join us!

You’ll get all the training and support you need to make it happen

Check us out here


Neil (drunk in Lisbon) Asher

“I’m suing you”

Do you have kids?

I do, 2 beautiful girls

Charlotte – 5

Isabella – 9

Cool kids.. I’m biased of course 😀

I love hanging out with them and ruffling them up

What about when they get older though, kids stop wanting to hang out with their parents and want to hang out with their friends instead


Well in Shanghai disgruntled parents can now sue their kids if they don’t visit enough

At a press conference last week, authorities said that kids who no longer live with their parents must “visit or send greetings often,” or else face some pretty severe consequences.

Freaky huh!

Want a better way to stay in touch with your kids?

Teach them how to sell stuff online

Most kids now a days are going to do it tough getting a job

Robots taking most white collar jobs

My plan is to employ my girls in my business to give them their first real world experience and some much needed references for their CV

That’s the hardest part isn’t it, getting your first job

After that it’s easy

Plus I can teach them a skill that will never go out of fashion

Entrepreneurship will be alive and well in the robot apocalypse :d


LOTS of the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs build their businesses with their kids

It works well

Keeps the family together

Everyone learning new skills

Makes sense right?

Wanna learn as a family?

Then head on over to

Get yourself joined up then email me and I’ll give the family access too 🙂

Neil Asher

How Rupert Murdoch Lost $100 Mill

Neil AsherYou know I never stop being surprised by seemingly smart people getting ripped off for millions

Take Rupert Murdoch for instance

He’s worth 12.3 billion

So, you know, pretty smart with his cash right?

Well Murdoch invested 100 mill into a blood testing company called Theranos


The female spruiker behind this elaborate scam was one heck of a sales woman apparently and used her skills to fleece lots of smart investors

100 mill… makes you think huh

That’s why I love Amazon

It’s Tested

It’s Proven

It Works!

In the 2015 letter to shareholders Jeff Bezos said that the average seller on Amazon working 15 hours or more a week makes $100K a year!

Holy cashola batman!

Can I interest you in working 15 hours a week and making $100K a year?

Thought so 😉

Listen this is not going to make you a billionaire


It can, and does, set folks just like you free

Want someone to show you step by step how to duo that?

Then join my merry band of freedom loving friends!

Click the link below and take a look

Neil Asher

You won’t believe how much this meal costs

The Danish head chef from Noma (Worlds Best Restaurant according to San Pellegrino) Rene Redzepi,

Is opening a “pop up restaurant” in Mexico

You may remember that he had a pop up here in Oz earlier this year

I hired a call centre in the filipines to call non stop for 24 hours to try and get a table for 2 for my wife and I

along with 54,000 other people

Needless to say I lucked out


The ticker price for a 13 course meal (with wine) in his new restaurant…

$1000 Aussie dollars per person

Now if that’s made you choke on your latte

or regurgitate your soggy cereals

I’m not surprised, that’s one heck of a bill


What I love is that tens of thousands of people are queuing up to pay it

That’s all about brand

It’s the exact same thing on Amazon

Lots of useless goo roos will tell you to price your product according to the other people and what they’re pricing

What a load of garbage!

Nothing is further from the truth

If the only thing your product has going for it is price, frankly, you’re screwed

Trying to sell on price is a race to the bottom and in that race the Chinese will win

$1 an hour salaries

1.2 billion people looking for work

You can’ compete with that my cash hungry friend

Instead build a brand, be smart with your marketing, tell a story, offer a unique benefit

That’s the key to long term ecommerce success.

The sexay and intelligent people in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs know that

Our products are 20% more profitable on average

That’s 20% more cashola to your bottom line

Want to learn how to do that?

Then take a look at this and get yourself signed up!

Neil Asher

Do you like to flirt?

do you like to flirt?

do you like to flirt?

Nothing makes your day more than someone (usually young and attractive) flirting with you, am I right?

It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, we all like to know we’ve still got it 😀

Lots of studies have shown that their are 6 main reasons people flirt, here they are

Sex: trying to get into bed with you
Fun: treating it like a game
Exploring: trying to see what it would be like to be in a relationship
Relational: trying to increase the intimacy of a relationship
Esteem: increasing one’s own self esteem
Instrumental: trying to get something from the other person

What’s your reason?

Assuming you flirt every now and again 😉

Here’s something that will come as no surprise to you,

Men are significantly more likely to have a sexual motivation, while women tend to have a relational one.

No surprises there huh?

OK let me give you some more flirty facts then I’m gonna show you why this matters online

I’m a guy and I know I’ve been guilty of this,

Evidence from multiple studies supports the idea that, among heterosexual people, men tend to over perceive sexual interest from women, while women tend to under perceive sexual interest from men.

In other words, us blokes tend to think women are into us when they aren’t, and women tend to not notice when men are into them.

It’s a wonder anyone ever gets laid!

Ok let me tie this together for you,

In 2004, a psychologist called Nicolas Gueguen had 20-year-old men approach women pedestrians in a French city and ask for their phone number. Half the time, the men simply made the request; half the time they lightly touched the woman’s forearm for one second while asking.

Sure enough, the men were more successful in getting the woman’s digits when they’d touched her arm.

It’s the same online

Your communication with your customers should be informal and fun, you should make a connection with your customers


2 Great reasons

1. They will be far more loyal to you and your brand, that means cashola in the bank

2. Your business will be far more fulfilling for you personally

I love making a connection with my customers, it gives my business meaning beyond supporting my family.

How do you do that?

Well, to discover how to connect with people at the deepest levels, you’ll need to join the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs where I’ll show you that and a whole lot more!

You’ll find us a fun and friendly bunch of Aussies all building our own freedom businesses whilst supporting and helping each other

You can find out more here


Neil (bit of a flirt) Asher

3 stocks to sell because of Amazon

jeff-bezos-devilYou probably know already that Amazon is coming to Australia

That’s no secret

And I don’t need to tell you that will present an opportunity for you to set up an online business on Amazon and join the 70,000 other people that currently make over $130,000 a year on Amazon

Plus you already know that I’m the best person to show you how to start and build said cashola creating business through my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

—> LOOK —> http://roarlocal.com.au/aussie-online-entrepreneurs

Yes you know these facts already


Did you think about your super and how that could benefit?

Hmmm thought not 😉

Well my retirement hungry compadre let me show you the 3 stocks I am personally shorting through my self managed super

1. Harvey Norman

If ever a business was the definition of dinosaur it’s Harvey Norman, their website is terrible, their franchisees are being bank rolled by Gerry harvey to the tune of millions of dollars and they’re margins are just about to get eaten alive by Amazon

This stock is currently trading at $4.50

It’s going down down down baby

2. Woolworths

The increasingly competitive environment means sales and margins are likely to come under significant pressure, especially with the emergence of ALDI and the potential arrival of fellow low-cost German supermarket retailer Lidl in Australia.
Amazon has said that it’s targeting the home delivery market here in Oz with it’s Amazon Fresh offering.

This will be a major body blow for Woolies

The stock is currently $23.35

I have it tipped at $18

3. Myer

Myer as a business has a recent surge of good news but I doubt that the imminent arrival of Amazon has had anything other than a stultifying effect on the myer board

Old outdated stores

Old outdated labels

This darling of the noughts is in tail spin with more to come.

It’s one redeeming feature is the 65 department store leases it owns, which may prove valuable to an acquirer.

As for the structural soundness of the business, Amazon will eat it’s lunch

The stock is currently $1.07

I see nothing but bad news for Myer unless they get acquired

As I said the best investment you can currently make is educating yourself how to take advantage of the fact that Amazon is launching here

There will be winners and losers

I’d rather you were on the winning side

Join me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneurs and let me show you how to kick butt and carve out a slice of the $4 Billion pie that Amazon is expected to create here

Take a look at how you get your pie here



Disclaimer – I am not a FSA nor am I a stock broker, I’m a dude that makes cashola online and then invests it in other stuff, these are nothing more than educated guesses based on freely available data, so do your own research bubba

“You’re Fired, we’ve hired a robot to do your job”

youre-firedDid you see this?

A UN Report This Week:

Robots Will Replace Two-Thirds of All Workers in the Developing World

That ought to scare the bejesus outa ya

From lawyers to taxi drivers

Accountants to lawn mowers

Robots are slowly but surely automating you out of your chosen career

You’ve already seen a TON of jobs go overseas

That’s only set to happen more and more

In many ways Trump’s winning presidency campaign was a result of millions of folks that suffered because jobs are being shifted overseas

It’s happening here to

Turnbull keeps spruiking the “innovation economy” what does that mean for you though?

Usually it means a younger person taking your job or worse your job being outsourced O/S or automated by innovation

Then what?

Middle aged and over qualified for work that no longer exists

Good luck getting a job that pays you what you’re worth

My advice?

Be proactive instead of reactive

Get to work NOW on building the next phase of your life

Your single best opportunity to set yourself up for the coming disruption is a business

and the best business is an ecommerce business

Buy low in China/India

Sell high in rich developed economies

It’s a tried and tested strategy that’s been around for hundreds of years

Wanna learn how to do that?

Then I’m your man

Take a look at the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs


246 people just like you all sick to death of getting by

and taking action to make things better for themselves

Join us


Neil Asher

An eCommerce consultant gets paid more thanks to me

australian-e-commerce-statisticsOne of the things I encourage my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs to do is to take the strategies that I teach them and make additional income as ecommerce consultants

Hundreds of thousands of businesses want to start selling their stuff online

Yet they lack the skills to do that

That my cashola hungry compadre is an opportunity

A starving market with no sandwiches to eat


One of my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs Simon Strachan sent me this email


well, I gotta hand it to you.

I’m very aware of the work that goes into creating the training that you have.

I’m also very aware of the experience, both positive and negative and the toe-curling frustration that has to exist to learn what you need to learn . . so you can create the training that you have.

Although I’ve been quiet in the shadows, I’ve been going through the modules, learning, researching and doing.

My initial goal was to undertake the training, so I could assist clients in their goals. Now I can definitely see my way forward to assist them in their goals, as well as set a few new ones of my own. 🙂

And the thought / realisation of India is certainly ringing my bell. A big, fat golden Ganesh styled, chai soaked bong.g.g sounding bell.

So congrats on the training, and thank you.


Simon gets it

Multiple income streams are the way to go

Learn how to sell your own stuff and help other people sell heir stuff too

That’s business 101

Fancy a new career as a highly paid in demand ecommerce consultant?

Then learn how to sell online

I’m your man for that

Start here



A Message From President Trump

trumpDear Australia

Due to my winning’est victory last night I am your new overlord

You will find me a benevolent dictator, and unlike your Queen, I promise that I will not require you to sing the new Trump national anthem, that me and Melania are putting together

Like the citizens of Australia, my hot as hell wife Melania is also from Europe and I am all for importing more people like Melania into the USA

Talking of hot ladies

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all Australians for giving us Master chef and Kylie Minogue

Kylie is one hell of a piece of a$$, am I right!

Thank you for sharing her

I have spoken to your leader Tony Abbott and his lap dog Malcolm and they have assured me that they will continue to embrace our consumer ways,

I have suggested to Tony that we can extend the wall we are building into Australia to stop any more poms getting into Australia and Tony has suggested that we can simply turn back the Mexican’s at the border

a sort of “stop the cars policy”

You’re probably wondering what is going to happen to Australia now I am the ruler

First up

I plan to bomb China

Those Chinks have had it too easy for too long and so my first duty will be to bomb them and thus ensure that America stays No 1 for years to come!

That will probably have some knock on effects for you and so you may want to close any Chinese restaurants and most of China town will have to go too


I will be sending all the Mexican’s home, no doubt some of them will decide to come to Australia

This will mean Taco’s… lots of Taco’s

Get used to this


I am going to Ban a couple of things

1. Universal Remotes

I have one and it does not control the universe, I tried and Hilary is still alive

2. The Church

No one should be allowed to pay less tax than I do!


I received a letter from a Pauline Hanson, she has asked me to “please explain” how I pulled this off

It was easy really

I just used my bigly charms and just grab em by the pu**y!

Big D

(brought to you by the team at www.roarlocal.com.au/blog 🙂

When Sarah Cheated On Me

landscape-1444749886-gettyimages-200152733-001I got an email this morning from one of my Aussie Online Entrepreneurs, Sarah

She told me that she’d strayed from the path and had purchased a goo roo shiny product from click bank for $97

The product was teaching people to make cashola using click bank and promised to make you $100K a month in a few months

Usual goo roo garbage

But in a moment of weakness Sarah strayed and was seduced by the great sales copy

She purchased and instantly regretted it

The up-sell was $4000 for coaching to “implement” the program

So just like when you think you really fancy fish and chips and you eat it only to feel kinda sick and fat after (is that just me?) she had goo roo sickness for a week after

She came back to me to tell me she’d strayed and could you come back into the group?

I told her that normally when people stray they get divorced 😀

But naturally I took her back in

Listen it’s easy to get seduced by bright shiny goo roo’s promising $100K a month

But let me tell you, building a business does not happen overnight

It is not easy

It’s a simple process (find a group of people in pain, solve the pain for them, help them after) but it ain’t easy

Any goo roo that tells you it is is just plain full of it

If you want to learn how to build a real business then come join 246 other Aussies all building their own real business on Amazon

We like to think of it as get-rich-slowly-but-surely

And if you’re as smart as I think you are you will too

You can check out what we do and join here

Neil Asher