Lessons from a old dude with big pecs

dr-jeffrey-life2-550x366I was at the Gym this morning

I go there cuz I’m 45 and starting to enter my first mid life crisis…

The gym is full of a a real mix of people

Crazy hot laydees with their fake lady pecs

Guys that grunt when they lift

Skinny dweebs like me

and then there’s “the old guy”

I’d guess he was in his 60’s

He looks amazeballs!

Totally ripped and super strong

He puts me to shame… then again the hot blonde chicklet that works out next to me can lift more than me!


I finally talked to the old guy this morning

He’s a total legend and really knows his stuff!

The big lesson he gave me was this

If you want to grow muscle first you must push through the pain barrier and lift weights that kinda damage your muscles

It’s the muscle repair that creates the growth

So instead of lifting my weights a set amount of times (reps)

I now lift until I’m cream crackered and can’t lift any more

It hurts more but it is the only way to get stronger

That information runs contrary to most of the BS personal trainers come life coaches give you

It’s the same online

Most Goo Roos tell you need a complicated funnel and a “trip wire” product and all sorts of other crap that confuses you into buying more and more of their stuff

It’s utter utter BS

You need 3 things to make a great online business

1. A great product to sell

2. A market to sell it to

3. Customer service after the sale so they come back for more

That’s it

It all starts with your product

Do you have some ideas for products you’d sell online?

Want some help to bring your online dreams into reality?

Then I’m your man

I keep it simple, show you exactly what works (what I do in my own businesses) and support you as you succeed!

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Neil Asher

does this mean I’m a pansy?

unicorn_manThis morning I got an email from Karen Thomson, she’s one of the girls I let into the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs 😉

In her email she said this

“I can’t tell you what a boost in confidence this has given me Neil, it’s changing my life”

Now I like an “action movie and beer” night as much as the next guy but I’ve gotta tell you this brought a tear to my eye

Getting emails like that from the folks in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs group is pretty bloody cool I can tell you

My wife (Tash) told me I’m a big softie at heart

I dunno about that, I do know that the stuff I share works.

It’s life changing and

if you actually apply it

it will let you take charge of your life

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in take a look


Neil Asher

Paeodophiles Gone Wild

3f00ee15-06cd-4504-a88d-9c007d0efb2aI bloody hate Paeodophiles

They’ve totally screwed things up for normal dads

Last night was halloween and I took my 2 daughters (Izzy 9 and Charlotte 4) and 5 of their friends trick or treating on our street

I had my best Frankenstein wig on and a bolt through my neck

So we were walking up the street and one of the girls was acting like a spoilt brat

Demanding more of the chocolates

Taking them from the others

Telling them to shut up if they complained

Just generally acting like a spoilt little beeatch

In the end i stopped her and told her she could either play nice or I’d send her home

She told me in no uncertain terms that i could shove my “advice” where the sun don’t shine

10 years old mind you

So I took her arm and I was just about to give her a pat on the butt when a voice in my head said stop

Now I have no idea what you think about giving kids a light smack when they deserve it

I come from a home where if we talked back to my dad he’d give us a smack on the bum

We soon learned to respect our elders

Now in this crazy PC world I couldn’t even tell her off properly for fear of getting in trouble

So I had to sit there and let her play up until I could tell her folks and they’d discipline her

I dunno

Maybe I’m old fashioned but I think there’s nothing wrong with a pat on the bum when kids mis behave

I KNOW that some lettuce eating do goober is going to email me to say that you should never hit kids

I’m not talking about getting the belt out or anything daft like that, so hold your pink fluffy unicorn horses thar!

I blame Paedophile’s

They’ve made dads and teachers think twice before hugging kids that aren’t there own

That in turn has lead us to over think other stuff too, like discipline

What do you think?

Comment and let me know

Neil Asher

Should you sell your ass to make cash?

Sherri used to be a madam

She operated a den of inequity in Wollongong

She had 5 ladies working for her, 2 asians, 2 aussies and a black girl

She said that her clients liked to rotate through the girls, black girl one day, asian the next and aussie the next

She learnt that having a broad product catalogue was important

Her clients would usually come once a month or so until she started to run deal days

25% off services when bundled with others

She even experimented with a buy one get one free deal

She was surprised when it was not at all popular

She said that most men only dream about 2 but the reality is it’s too scar for them… at least her clients

She hustled and made some money

Then, one day, without notice, she had a visit from a bikie with a shot gun

He wanted “protection money”

Her clients were lonely men and she didn’t need protection though, so he left

That night a shot was fired through her window

The next day she left

Now she’s in the Aussie Online Entrepreneurs

Those skills she learnt in business all apply to making cashola online

instead of bikies we have Jeff Bezos, a more benevolent overlord

She’s happier, she’s stopped drinking and she’s taking care of herself more, yoga, the gym and eating well

She told me that her profession is NOT the oldest

Commerce is.

people have traded goods since the neanderthals

It’s time tested and it works


Buy cheaply in Asia

Sell to wealthy yanks

No need to sell your soul

Learn what Sherri learned to set herself free by joining me as an Aussie Online Entrepreneur


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How I made my wife love me more

Natasha Asher Artist

Natasha Asher Artist

My (long suffering) wife Natasha has her final exam today for her Art Degree

Ever since I can remember she’s wanted to be an artist

Her parents told her she’d never make any cashola as an artist

They told her to become an accountant or lawyer

She’s a free spirit that would die in the tightly controlled political BS worlds of a legal office

Most offices are full of BS don’t you think?

So 3 years ago she embarked upon her new career

She was scared of failing

Of looking foolish

Of not being good enough

But she knew she had to reclaim her life

I told her to go for it, life is short!

She did and she’s been forever changed as a result, she looks visibly younger as a result of following her dreams

This morning she was worried about her final exam…

I told her her exam results would have no bearing upon her success as an artist

Her customers wouldn’t give a rats-ass if she got a distinction or simply a pass

Her customer will only care about themselves and their needs, wants and desires

That’s why I love being an online entrepreneur

Your customers couldn’t care less what degrees you have or don’t have

Not a jot of interest will be shown in your past career or your CV

No my career focused friend, all they’ll want to know is what are you selling and will it solve their problems

Y’see solving peoples problems online can make you oodles of lovely cashola

All you need to do is find a group of people with a problem they want solving

“I want to cook nicer food”

“I want to look healthier”

“I want a gift for my friends birthday”

and on and on it goes

LOTS of lovely cashola creating problems to solve!

Want to learn how to find the best problems to solve and then supply a solution that will make you a solid income?

Then join 246 other Aussie as they start online businesses

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Neil Asher

Where do Rich people shop online?

kimkardashianshoppingintermixmrea-kerqnilA new survey from financial firm Piper Jaffray shows they’re shopping on Amazon.

Amazon Prime is the company’s paid membership service that costs $99 a year or $10.99 a month.

Subscribers get free two-day shipping, access to a bunch of video and music streaming content, as well as online storage space.

According to the survey, households with over $112,000 a year in annual income continued to show the highest penetration among all income groups.

Nearly 75% of households making over $112,000 a year are estimated to be Prime members, up from about 50% a year ago, and roughly 70% last quarter.

So if you want to sell to people that have the money to pay for your stuff you should be selling on Amazon

Wanna learn how to do that?

Then I’m your man!

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Neil Asher

When she sees her ex husband she plays this trick on him…

Did you ever notice as you get older men stop paying attention to you, it’s like you’ve disappeared

My name is Carolan Bishop, I’m a real person, I live in Liverpool in England. Up until 2 years ago I was ignored by pretty much all the men I’d meet.

I was working my butt off in a job that was unfulfilling and dull, working with a group of men that felt that women weren’t up to the task of men’s work. We should “stick to typing” as one particularly lovely man told me.

My husband expected me to work too and he’d shout if the house was a mess, although he’d never lift a finger to help. He made a point of reminding me that HE earned the most money, never mind that I raised 3 children for him whilst also working a job.

Then about 18 months ago he left me a “Dear Carolan” letter on my dresser and filed for divorce. He’d been having an affair with his PA and he’d decided she was a younger; prettier, go-getter than I was.

I was devastated, I went for counselling and knew my troubles were down to low self-confidence.

My counsellor listened carefully and told me that I should start doing something to help me feel productive and to use my skills whilst developing new ones.

So I looked around for a simple home based business I could start, I wanted to find something I could do and feel proud of doing too.

A friend who worked for a law firm told me that he’d just started selling things on Amazon.

So I had a look, made a decision and decided I had nothing to lose.

My Amazon business went live 6 months ago, I use Facebook to promote my products through groups and some simple pages that I set up with Matt’s help

It’s changed my life.


Now when I see my ex-husband I have this secret trick I play on him. You see, thanks to the boost in confidence this business has given me I’ve also lost weight and now I’m dressing in more stylish clothes and taking more care of myself, honestly, I look and feel great!

I know a cafe where he goes with some of his “mates.” I love to go there with my new boyfriend, park my BMW outside so he can see it next to his old car and as I stroll past I whisper “hello Mark.”

I don’t want to brag but I know through the grapevine that his friends often ask about me… “who is she? is she single?” And he has to tell them and I love it 😀

If you think you’re ready to take control of your life and you’re not afraid to learn something new then you can join Matt on his free webinar, tonight at 8pm

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If you have an “clickers eye” you can profit from this

ab-testing-1Did you know there’s a certain sort of person that can immediately tell which advertisement will make the most money on Facebook?

Well it’s true

We call it having a “clickers eye”

Do you have one?

It’s a simple enough process to tell if you have

Here’s a hint

When you’re on Facebook do you look at the advertisements?

Can you normally tell if the advert has been written for someone like you?

If you can, you may well have a clickers eye

Did you know that people with “clickers eye’s” make 3 times more cashola than those that don’t on Facebook?

Well, they do

Want to know for sure if you have a clickers eye?

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I’ll see you there


How to go from $10K to $40K a month online

This email will show you the simple way to go from $10K a month to $40k A month online (if you’re not yet making $10K this is doubly important to read till the end)

Do you know what Facebook’s product is?

Business Pages?


It’s you!

You are the product on Facebook.

Specifically all that amazing information you and 1.2 billion other people share on facebook.

That, my friend, is a marketers wet dream

And if you know what you’re doing you can quickly use that treasure trove of information to make oodles of lovely cashola

Want to learn how?

It’s all to do with Psychology

Specifically what people that are ready to buy do that window shoppers don’t

Here’s a 1 example from the 48 we have

An “S” makes all the difference in a keyword

If you search for “bucket and spades”

You’re probably researching, wanting to know what the best bucket and spade is for you and your unique situation


Drop the “S” and you’re looking for something specific

A Bucket and Spade

Make sense?

That S makes all the difference to the Psychology of the person you’re selling to

Want to learn more of these cashola creating Psychological strategies?

Then join Matt Duggan whilst he teaches you his Facebook mastery system


Matt has made the clients we have at ROARlocal $25 Million in online sales in the past 12 months

Mostly through Facebook

Using his ….. to spot cashola creating opportunities


Take a look!


Solve one of these 5 problems to become a billionaire

In a recent interview Warren Buffett was asked how to become a billionaire

His answer was a great one, solve problems!

When pressed further he said these are the 5 most pressing problems that, if you solved them, would turn you into a billionaire

1. Energy storage

Your time might be running out on this one, because a lot of money and time is being spent as we speak to solve our energy storage issues.

Essentially, we have no real way of storing energy created by wind and solar power generators.

It’s why we continue to rely heavily on fossil fuels — when the sun goes down and the wind stops blowing, we run out of juice.

2. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is upon us, but there are some very, very serious concerns about what that means for humanity.

Famous scientists have been speaking up for several years about AI, and how we need to tread very carefully in implementing it — lest we end up with a Terminator or Matrix-esque future.

The point is, artificial intelligence will change everything; it’s just a matter of how humanity fits into the equation.

3. Space exploration/resource capture

There’s an awful lot of money literally flying through space.

The problem is, we don’t have a real way of reaching it; or capturing it, and bringing it back down to Earth for processing and use.

Asteroids, giant hunks of rock that are flying through or suspended in outer space, are loaded with precious metals and other natural resources that are in finite supply here on Earth.

If we were to find a way to get to these asteroids, mine them, and bring said resources back, we could effectively limit scarcity problems.

4. Water scarcity

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, or live in the drought-stricken western part of Australia, you’re well aware that water scarcity is an ongoing issue.

And with global climate change starting to reshape how and where water levels ebb and flow, it’s something that we’re going to need to find answers to, and fast.

5. Food Production

Issues like water scarcity and energy storage also play into our final big problem that needs solving: food production.

We may have it good here in Australia, but there are still millions upon millions of starving and hungry people in the world.

And as the climate changes, and resources become even further strained, growing crops and raising animals for food will become even more difficult — if not impossible.

Got any solutions for any of those?

Me neither 😀


If your goals are a little less grand and you’d be happy making $10K a month I’ve got you covered

Using my simple Amazon system you can get yourself to $10K a month in 3 to 6 months

I’m not saying you’ll become a billionaire but you’ll be financially free

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