Exactly what I do and who I use to do it

I wanted to show you exactly what I’m doing for
my new sites so you can apply this yourself.

First the sites are built on word press, simply put
you’d have to be crazy to choose any other platform.

WordPress is very customizable and has a ton of
great plug ins to make it do what you want.

so use wordpress πŸ™‚

second as I mentioned already the shopping cart we
use is www.totalbusinesscart.com


Because it does WAAAAY more than we need it to and
it’s cheap and does what it says on the tin, simply.


Here’s a list of the wordpress plug ins we will be using:

WordPress SEO – Very cool and fairly new, we moved
from the All In One SEO Pack to this plugin and have
been impressed by its flexibility and RSS support
along with its simple setup. It also handles Google XML
Sitemap duties, which means we don’t need that particular
plugin anymore.

Sexy Bookmarks – Adds an attractive social bookmarking
menu to your posts, pages, index, or any combination of
the three. Important to Google for showing that you’re after
social interaction with your site, we’ve seen a boost from just
having these buttons on-page.

WP OnlyWire Autoposter – Syndicates your blog posts/articles
to over 20 social networking sites simultaneously using
OnlyWire.com’s infrastructure when you publish a post.
Increases your site’s traffic AND generates fantastic
backlinks, what could be better?

SEOPressor – An absolute MUST, it’s our best timesaver
and most accurate on-page optimization tool
towards ranking. And I don’t want to hear any
whining about what it costs, scrape some pennies
out of the couch cushions and make it happen

OK so now here’s something you may not realize

I have no idea how to build a website :o)

Instead I stick to what I’m good at and get the best
affordable talent to do it all for me, whilst I concentrate
on marketing.

So as a special treat let me share with you my top 2

1. Ed Hadome. Ed does ALL my work on ALL my businesses
I have tried a ton of people and he’s the only one I trust.

He gets marketing and gets how to make money.

you can check him out here:


Ed builds all my sites, I have tried other people
but invariably they end up pissing me off because
they have no idea how to sell, Ed knows how to sell.

2. I use e-lance for LOTS of my stuff I have a core team
of designers, copy writers and, product creators etc

If you need a referral for anything let me know πŸ™‚

So there you go, my secret weapons in making money πŸ™‚

1 request…. I use Ed A LOT, he’s a good guy and has LOTS
of time for people, so don’t take the p*ss. If you get in touch
have an idea and be ready to take action.

Fair enough?

Otherwise he’ll have no time to do all the stuff I get him doing!


P.S I have had a ton of e-mails asking me if I’m going to start
teaching people how to make money online again.

The answer is no.

I love writing these e-mails and to be honest I make LOTS
more money actually applying this myself than I would teaching it

As my dad says “those that can do, those that can’t teach” πŸ˜‰

but as I said I’m happy to tell you exactly what I do in my own
businesses, what works and what doesn’t. It’s up to you to apply it.