Got A Great Product

I’m looking for businesses I can license into Australia

Normally I start them from scratch but I have on occasion licensed businesses with good success.

Here’s a check list we use it’s not exhaustive but it’s a good start.

a) An Established product, something that’s already built and working and you’re looking to for windfall profits by taking it overseas

b) Your marketing is tested and systemised. We do a lot of work in marketing and we’re very good at it. However it’s great to have a base to test from.

c) Your marketing strategy does not rely on contacts or JV’s this is not a strategy that’s scalable. It might might in your country but won’t in others. (we prefer paid marketing such as PPC, direct mail, Ads etc)

d) A great community of satisfied customers in place.

e) You have great support in place, good e-mail support is a must to make sure that the customers we sell to get looked after, once the business is established we look to move support to our territories.

f) You have new products being developed all the time, this is great to have, we are not product developers, our value is in marketing within new territories.

g) You have (real) physical and digital products, both is best, just physical is OK all digital is not.

h) Your products are not sold via info nights or from the stage, we’re not speakers, we’re marketers.

i) You’re in a good niche that is perenial and/or growing, 1 hit wonders are OK but we like to build long term businesses.

j) Your products have a great online reputation and have won awards (if possible), if your products are featured all over the net with terrible reviews we can’t help you.

k) They must be profitable on the front end or have marketing systems in place that sell the back end well.

I’m happy to provide multiple references not only for products I’ve licensed from other entrepreneurs but also from people in non English speaking countries where I’ve helped establish the product there too.

We’re also happy to share the work we do on the marketing with the original product owner, we like to share the work they’ve done and share the work we’ve done so everyone wins.

If you know some people (you perhaps) and products who fit this bill do let me know.

I’m happy to fly over to them to introduce myself.

With warmest wishes


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