How To Split Test E-Mail Subject Lines

Testing makes perfect

I've been split testing LOTS of e-mail subject lines lately
using total business cart

The tests are a piece of cake to set up and the results are
VERY interesting… not least because they teach you how
to make more money doing the same thing :-)

First important thing is this:

Ever since I started testing stuff I've made more cash.

So naturally it follows you ought to test more stuff.

Before I give you the test results lets see how you get on with
these real life A/B split tests of e-mail subject lines.

Which did better?

1. Your child & the global nutrition crisis vs Is your child getting five servings of fruit & veggies a day?

2. Protect Yourself Kids From Chemical Foods vs Are You Buying This?

3. Are your kids eating enough blue food? vs what the heck is lycopene?

4. Kidz 5 A Day is the smart choice vs Protect your children with Kidz 5 A Day 

5. Are your vitamins poisoning your child? vs Daily children’s multivitamins that do more harm than good?

6. Do your kids think healthy is yucky? vs It’s time you changed the way your kids think about healthy food

7. Are you feeding your children enough sugar? vs The problem with artificial sweeteners & your children

8. Veggies your kids love to hate… vs Get your kids to love the healthy foods they hate

Think you know which ones were the winners? 

They’re all the subject lines in the first (A) column. 

In general, I found that:

Subject lines with our company name in did better, and they 
did better when the company name was near the beginning of 
the subject line (perhaps it was the increased recognition factor)

Shorter subject lines seemed to work better than long subject 
lines (the difference in open rate was more noticeable when 
they differed by 30 characters)

Cool huh?

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