life wisdom

My Big Life Lessons

Trust BUT Verify

Hope for the best BUT plan for the worst

It is not possible to over communicate

The grass is never greener

Be Your Word – If you say you’re going to do something, be sure you do it.

Opportunities multiply as they are acted upon BUT man who chases 2 rabbits catches none (focus on your goals don’t get distracted)

Stay within your circle of competence – don’t start barbershops when you’ve never picked up a pair of scissors. (yes I’ve started a chain of barbershops, badly)

In times of trouble remember this phrase, “this too will pass”.

Everyone has a big invisible sign hanging from their neck saying “make me feel important” if you help people feel important they will give you the world.

Speak the truth even though it may create tension and heart ache, it is better to honour yourself than live a lie.

If you lie down with dogs you’ll catch fleas.

Talk is cheap, actions speak volumes – watch what people do, not what they say.

Ask and you shall receive.

As a teacher, 5% of people will apply what you teach them and credit you for their action, 90% of people will do nothing and take ascending levels of responsibility for their inaction and 5% will do nothing and blame you for their inaction. I once sold websites to people as a business in a box, when they didn’t magically make money for the people who did nothing they complained like hell, nothing I could say would convince them that the big business pixie was not going to come and magically make their business work, they had to actually do something, obvious right? ….. you’d be surprised!

Do the right thing – ask if you’d be happy for your mum to get this or sign up for this, don’t hide things. I sold my dad 7 websites that scraped information from Amazon, ebay etc and acted like affiliate sites on speed, I personally had 250 of these babies and they were killing it, making a ton of cash. Then Google banned content farms and overnight they stopped working… it was good whilst it lasted though. Anyway I told my dad and he said something very smart to me “Business is risk, I knew the risks when I purchased them from you, it’s not your fault they no longer work so forget it” Smart man my dad.



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