More Get Rich Slowly Math

How much is enough?

I often ask myself this question…

heres how to work it out.

First list all the things you want in life, here's some ideas;

Nice schools for kids
Eating out
etc etc

then take that list and break it down into monthly payments

so, a nice home to rent (I'd advise against buying your home)
would be say £4000 a month depending on where you live etc

(do your research and find your figure)

Car to rent would be £4000 a month or so (depending on the car)

cleaner = £500 a month
School = £1000 a month
Holidays = £2000 a month

and so on until you have a big list of stuff and a monthly price
next to it.

then tally up your monthly bills, lets say you're at £15,000 a month

divide that by 30 to give you your daily total = £500 a day

Divide that by the average commission on a product of £20 
= 25

So to get everything in life you want you need to make 25 sales a day

about 1 sale per hour, get the idea?


Now your average conversion rate for a sale page is 2%

So to get 1 sale you must send 50 people to the sales page (100/2)

So now your task is not making 1 sale per hour it is telling 50 people per hour 
about this product, get the difference?

So now the question

"How can you tell 50 people per hour about this product?"

The answer to that in future e-mails :-)

For now work out your "get everything you want"
number, it's usually lower than you think :-)

was for me at least…

Enjoy your weekend!


P.S why get rich slow? well the truth is that's how it happens for 99.99%
of people, you're not dumb, you know the truth and you can see
right through those dumb "get rich by pressing a button" BS products
So instead lets focus on getting financially free.