most people won’t tell you this

When they want it you've gotta give it to em!

What’s the most important thing when it comes to making sales off and online?

– Copywriters think it’s the written word that sells

– Designers think it’s how the layout and images look

– Printers think it’s the quality of paper

– Product creators think it’s the quality of the product

what about you? what do you think?

This weekend I was in Geneva with Tash and Izzy

What a great city!

The swiss franc is the strongest currency in the world at the mo and it shows.

Anyway we were in the old part of Geneva shopping on Saturday, the sun was out and the place was packed with tourists and locals alike.

it was midday and Isabella started getting hungry.
nb if you’re a parent you’ll know there is an ascension process to kids that want something

1. they ask
2. they shout
3. they scream
4. the have a tantrum
5. meltdown!

She wanted Sushi… nothing else would do.

by 12.15 we were at level 4 as Tash and I franticly searched for Sushi.

12.25 with Izzy approaching meltdown we spot a small sushi restaurant hidden round a corner.

It was; very average and very expensive.


At that exact moment it was exactly what Izzy wanted and thus we wanted it too.


Here’s the idea for you.

You can have a very average product, crap copy (writing), crappy design and rubbishy paper etc


If you have customers who want what you sell you’ll make a fortune!


Start with what your customers want NOT with what you want to sell them.

Obsess over what they want


Over how you want to sell it to them.

Find your market first then create products for that market and you’ll do far better in business.

If you have a product right now, take a step back from it and re think who your customer is.

If you don’t have a product yet stop worrying about what to sell and start researching who has a problem.

More on this in future e-mails 🙂

Neil Asher

P.S I will no doubt get LOTS of e-mails from people saying you should have quality: copy, design, product and printing


I know that, so re read the e-mail and get the lesson.

P.P.S I WAS going to show you a brilliant SEO strategy today to get a ton of back links for free, but it involves some nudity of the page 3 girl type… I didn’t know if that was appropriate so I held back, however if you would like to see it then hit the like button or the +1 button and I’ll know.