Negative BS

Negative BS - Neil Asher

Negative BS

I was chatting to someone today who had a product they wanted to get to market with my help.

The product was great and is perfect for the distribution channels I’ve set up around the world, I was  very excited at the prospect of selling millions of pounds worth with them.

During the conversation I asked him what he thought of George Osbourne’s “mini budget” the Autumn statement, and the effect it had on his product and the marketing strategy I’d put together for it.

He told me that he “never watches the news as he finds it too negative”.

I knew instantly I’d made a mistake getting involved with him and quickly exited the business.

Listen up, if you’re not prepared to hear what’s happening in the economy because you’re worried it will bring you down can I suggest you get a job instead.

99% of the personal development junkies I know tell me they want to surround themselves with “positiveness”, interestingly 99% of the personal development junkies I know are broke.

Go figure.

Anyway, here’s a news flash for you:

There is Opportunity in Crisis!

Warren buffet said it best, “you want to be fearful when everyone else is greedy and greedy when everyone else is fearful”.

Seriously, this is an extraordinary good time to be in business, it almost makes me want to start teaching people how to make money online again!

But that would break my cardinal rule – don’t work with idiots – so I can’t.

If you are trying to fill your head with positive stuff and you’re avoiding the news because you think it’s all bad, let me make a simple mind shift for you.

Try watching the news and asking yourself “what opportunities does this create for me?”

Instant positivity for you :o)

Seriously, it’s glib, but it works. Positive and negative are nothing more than you’re BS that holds you back, there is, frankly, no such thing.

Imagine, for a moment, all those people who are worried sick about their future finances… what do they want more than anything else?

If you can answer and provide this (5 people I know for sure who read my stuff can) then you will make a killing. If you can’t figure this out then you need to read more newspapers and ask yourself better questions.

Anyway, I’m off to go throw things at the people who are on strike.


P.S I have 8 investors who want to invest in “tested businesses” meaning if you have a product that sells well online or through direct mail and you have the numbers to back this up, they want to invest in your business. If you have a tested product that you want to scale up but you don’t have the funds to do that then e-mail me in the strictest confidence.

nb if you have an “idea that you think is great” don’t waste there (or my) time, ideas are worth F.A. and are 10 a penny, what counts is tested results.