re How to make Oodles of cash online.

re How to make Oodles of cash online.
Following on from my last post:
I put 5 niches ideas to the test. 4 are crap
and 1 is looking very good.

I won't reveal the niche because if you're
smart you'd steal it and start doing it yourself :-)

So here's the Google adwords results for yesterday

Impressions 1471 (limited by budget)
Clicks 45
CTR (1471/45) = 3%
average cost per click = 27p

so now I know that without doing any optimization
or testing I can buy 100 targeted prospects to my
website for (27p x 100) £27

So If I sell my product for £29 I'll make £2 profit for
every 100 people assuming I get 1% conversion rate
 and £31 if I can get 2% conversion and my product
costs are zero. It's a digital product I plan to sell so
they would be zero.

This making sense?

So bottom line is I'm 99% sure I can make money in
this niche.

Next steps:

I will put up a content network campaign and see how
much potential traffic I can get there too.

I'm looking for a total of at least 5000 impressions and
CTR of more than 1% for the content network. which would
buy me another 50 visitors a day.

I'll also set up exactly the same campaign on Bing and
see what happens, my hope is to replicate the conversion
figures on Google.

I'll also double my Google budget to £20 a day and see
how many prospects I can buy.

Again I'm looking for at least 300 prospects a day for
this to be worth my time to get the site built, the product
created and the sales letter written.

That would give me about 5 sales a day and make me
about £100 a day without any upsells etc

So far my spend is £11 on Google and £2 for the domain
name and about an hour to put the thing together so far.

Yes you read that correctly I do NOT have a product, I do
NOT have a sales letter and I do NOT have a website, I have
a domain name with 5 articles on it.

Now for the important bit.

I tested 5 ideas, 4 were crap. 

1 is good, if you have tried to make money online before
BUT you only tried once and then you gave up, think about that.

I've been doing this for years and I still only have a 1 in 5
success rate.

But those successes…. thats where that cash is.

So what have I done with the 4 that didn't work?

Scrapped them of course and put up 4 more ideas :-)

I do hope that is inspiring for you and you decide to
give it another try.